Monday, 29 June 2015

X-wing Event: Guest Writer Simeon B, New Player Report, Lost Ark Games

So Simeon B Agreed to let me post up his report from a event ran by Lost Ark Games in Stevenage.
Before I go any further, I did not have any impact on this report, and the entire report was created and written by the Author Simeon B, he has agreed kindly to allow me to post it.

Now the reason I was so interested in this report as it shows a new player who is sharing there experience at their first event. It gives a good run down of the event and how the player feels about attending his first event!
Enjoy the read :)


So my son and I headed down to our local game store here in Stevenage, England to play in the Spring Kit tournament. We picked up the core set about 4 weeks ago and have played maybe 10 or so games at home. We didn't really have a coherent enough squad for Imperials or Scum, and having watched Paul Heaver's 2013 World Champs game recently on YouTube decided to be inspired by his BBXX list with the following:

Keyan Farlander (29)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Blue Squadron Pilot (22)
Advanced Sensors (3)
Rookie Pilot (21)
R2 Astromech (1)
Rookie Pilot (21)
R7 Astromech (2)
Total: 100
We got to Lost Ark games for the 9am start and hung around with some of the other players whilst the tournament was set up. Mick, the friendly store owner, had kindly let me and my son team up as we were fairly inexperienced. He'd also said we could go whenever we wanted, as I wasn't sure my son's concentration levels would last the whole day, so my son and I agreed to play two games minimum and maybe leave then. We had decided to follow Paul Heaver's setup in 2013 and place our ships in a 2x2 formation on the right side of the board, move forwards slowly to see what our opponenent did and then try and take out his biggest, fatest ship. If we managed to take a ship down, we'd high five, be happy and whatever else happened would happen!
We were ready to go at about 9.45am and were paired with an experienced player, Andrew Christian. He was running two IG-88s (B&C I think) plus a load of upgrade cards we hadn't seen before. Andrew very kindly took time to explain his ships' and pilots' abilities - but we were a bit confused by them. He said he'd talk through all his moves as he did them as there were an awful lot of actions and re-rolls of dice involved. Too complicated for us newbies! We got underway and we played our ships up the right side of the board. Andrew took one Aggressor towards us and the other kind-of came up the side. We decided to joust the Aggressor that came at us and in the first exchange managed to do some damage. We then had to loop round the asteroid to get another pass at those tricky Aggressors as they dodged all over the place and took multiple actions...
Andrew took one of the B-Wings down, but we managed to come back round and use the Target Locks we had to take out one of the IG-88s. We were super pumped about this as we'd achieved out objective of taking out an opponents big ship... Awesome! Andrew then removed an X-Wing and time was called.
Others came over to help us tot up the totals, and then they had another count. Me and my son weren't sure what was going on, but they were counting our ships that had been destroyed versus the Aggressor we'd removed. Turns out we won by a single point - 48 points to 47! We were shocked, surprised and very happy! We felt a bit sorry for Andrew as he'd played well and was an experienced player - we'd kind-of lucked out a bit really...
Anyway, on to our second match against Robert Gilbert who was flying a fully loaded Decimator and two TIE Fighters. This Decimator was a beast with all crew slots taken and missiles and bombs. Easy choice for us as to what to go after. So we set up in our right hand corner and head off towards the VT-49. To our surprise it charged straight towards us with the TIE's buzzing around. Rob got his Ion Torpedos to ionise our four ships. Didn't really matter though as we still had range 1 shots on the Decimator and we pretty much knocked out it's shield in our first volley. There was then an almighty jam in the middle of the board as all out ships pretty much collided! It was a right mess!
We managed to get another volley of shots off and land a tonne more damage. We then managed to sort-of untangle and Rob dropped a Proton Bomb which caught two of our ships in it's blast radius. However, we'd got behind the Decimator now and were still focus firing. We'd reduced it to three hull points, whilst Rob had taken one of our Rookies. The next go we'd taken it off the board and it just left us to chase the two TIEs. We caught one, then the other and ran out 100-23 winners. So we'd one two games - way past our expectations!
Lunch was called and we took on some well deserved food and drink. We decided to stay on as we had a decent chance of scoring some prizes. Plus we were having fun!
Our first afternoon match was against a cool bloke called Alex. He was really helpful and totally had the 'fly casual' spirit. He was running Boba and Kath Scum with a few upgrades. Once again, we setup in our favourite corner and pulled away slowly to see where we went. Alex took Kath to one side and hung back a bit, but Boba ended up coming at us head on. Poor old Boba got the full brunt of some great red dice from my son and some poor green dice from Alex.
It didn't take long to strip Boba's shield and then we took him out completely. Alex managed to take out our Blue Squadron pilot, but we still had three ships chasing Kath. With her ability on her rear firing arc she was putting up a good fight. We then steered a Rookie into an asteroid, blowing him up, but the two remaining ships cleaned up giving us a 100-47 win. Alex was great with us - pointing out mistakes and advising us on better actions than we had planned. Top fella!
Our last match was against a player who also had 2 wins, one modified - Len Smith. Another top bloke and extremely helpful. He had to explain the StarViper and the M3-A. He was flying Xixor, Guri and Serissu and this was another one of those lists that had multiple upgrades (Predator on the Star Vipers, for example) and actions that criss-crossed between different ships. Dunno how he kept track of it all! This game didn't go so well for us. I think we were both a bit tired, a bit hot (it was a very warm summers day) and we had run up into a list we didn't really know what to do. There was no obvious fat target and with these three small ships and all their trickiness we wondered if we'd met our match. We decided to go for Xixor, but we barely got any shots off. Len came in and smashed us up. His dice were hot - rolling more crits than I'd ever seen and our dice were frigid - blank, blank, blank.... But I'm not blaming the dice, Len did an awesome job and he totally deserved to beat us.
So we lost 100-0....
An overall winner was announced, which was Len - so huge congrats to him! Me and my son finished third - which we were made up about. We snagged a dice bag, funky range ruler and two PTL cards from the Spring kit and we couldn't have been happier.
Big shout out to all the guys who made it there - especially the Stevenage and Harlow teams. And, of course, big thanks to Mick at Lost Ark for organising.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

UK/IRL Official X-wing event

So here we are again! Another x-wing tournament, but going into this I had little motivation to actually pla, but after chatting to various people I planned to play and came up with this list.

Han, C3P0, Engine, Chewbacca
Corran Horn, Lone Wolf, FCS, R2D2

Han and Corran in a pre event meeting!

Everybody setting up.

Game 1-
Both have VI, HLC, Autothrusters, FCS, Dampeners, and 1 had a Seimic Charge

First thought was great IGS, and then I realised he didnt have predator or PTL, so I went straight in for B, as with out the gunner ability, his damage output dropped massively, with Corran limping around as always, but hanging on thanks to R2D2, in the last turn he did a unexpected S-loop, but this left him out of arc, and Han and Corran both in Range 1 of the last IG, finishing the game.

Win 100-0

Getting the IGs in arc was important!

Game 2-
Corran, PTL, FCS, Engine, R2D2
2 Talas
2 Bandits

Well Han took a battering early while his head-hunters survived everything, but all the pinging away soon counted as Headhunters started dropping 1 by 1, Han got down to 1 hull left, and with a bandit who was about to finish him, but Han and Corrran was able to finish the Bandit before it shot, after that Han put his foot down and ran, just as time called.
Wow that was a close game

Win 50-0

Early engagement
Game 3-
Leebo, Determination, HLC, Chewbacca, Title
Blue, Ion Cannon
Gold, Ion Turret, R2

So going into this game, Ion was going to hurt Corran but early exchanges saw some heavy damage on my ships, but his B-wing going down.
Corran ran off while he hammered Han, time Corran came back in, he was fully shielded again, but this didnt stop him getting ion next turn and blown up the turn after! At this point Han made a mad dash for the Y-wing taking it down and left Han and Leebo duelling, at this stage I was trying to engage at range 1 or not at all, and it was close, but Han had 4 hull left and Leebo had 5 Hull but also chewbacca was unused, so if this game came down to another 20mins, leebo would of most likely got Han, unless I could keep him in range 1, but as it was time was called.

Win 49-43

Corran got the B-wing in his sights!
Game 4-
Xizor, VI, Title, FCS, Autothrusters, Dampeners
Suhlak, Lone Wolf, Shield, Dampeners
3 Binyres

So errr where to start, interesting game...
Early on he forget to set Suhlaks dial, so he did a hard 3 into his formation, so basically he couldnt use Lone wolf, but somehow he survived being blasted, but went down the turn after...
The rest went after Corran.. and errr well Corran just refused to die... at all, but at this stage he had been fully committed to taking out Corran and kept taking off a shield, I would re gen, he would take off a shield, but this gave Han fall power on the field to hunt ships and he did. in the end as the headhunters died, fire power on his side got weaker meaning he struggled to keep hitting Corran, and he couldnt get him.
Interesting thought that Corran had only took 1 Hull damage by the end and had regained all of his shields and Han had only took 1 shield damage, but that wasnt a true reflection, as Corran should of gone down early, but well yer... how did I win that 100-0? It really didnt feel like a 100-0... I felt quite bad :(

Wow really bad photo!! You can just See Corran running from his Scum pack!
Game 5-
VS Lee!!
Dash, PTL, Title, Engine, Mango
2 Blues with FCS

Now final table, and winner well wins! But up against a team mate of mine and fellow co-host of Cloud City Radio!
(Which can be found here:

Now Dash and 2 Blues, is a list I played against heavily in the build up to the Nationals, and I constantly beat it. the player I been practising against got top 8 at the Nationals so he knew how to fly it.
But my team mate also learnt how to fly it well! Going to be a close game!
And it was, he got the upper Hand early, with him getting Corran down to 1 Hull.. and then Corran runs to regen, he kept chasing but he split up his B-wings, Dash and 1 B after Corran, while the other B goes after Han
So Han takes the lonely B-wing before joining back in and chasing Dash, at this point Corrran had also K-turned and shot down his other B-wing! Wow, I started badly but it soon changed.
Now at this stage we had

A fully powered Dash
Han who had no shields and a almost dead Corran!

So I got a bit lucky and got everything into Range 1 of Dash, leaving him on 2 hull (Corran double tapped) I believe, but Corran got hit back, and lost both shields and losing his last hull and going dowm. but next turn Han was able to finish Dash.

Win 100-43

Opening turns
So 4 full wins and 1 modified, so a good result and a strong showing by the Misfit team in general!

Kyle finished 3-2 I believe
Lee finished 4-1, placed 5th
Me finished 5-0, placed 1st

Woo good loot! 
Me, after a long hot day!

Shiny Trophy!

Vassal X-wing league, Season 1

So here is a run down of the games I played

I am in Division 3 which was randomly assigned as its the first season :)

Games may not be in order :)

Game 1
My list,
Cracken, VI
Blue, HLC x2


Very close game, which I got outplayed for most of it, but I was able to get myself back into it.
Win 100-51

Game 2
My list
Soontir, PTL, Royal Guard, Stealth, Autothrusters
5x Obsidians


Very close again, this time losing 78-100, we both agreed after 2 and a half hours, this was one of the most fun and exciting games we have ever played, it was a nail bitter right intill tthe end!
Lose 78-100

Game 3
My list
WSF, Mango Cannon
3x Blue Pilots

2 Binayre pilots

Bad start for him saw Emon on a rock, and taking 6 damage, from there Emon died next turn and then a Binayre and Mux saw a firing squad. Great guy to play though, and a interesting fun squad he was using, shame he didnt clear that first rock, as it could of been such a good game if he did.
That rock cost him the game I reckon, no shot and no mine to drop that turn.
Win 100-0

Game 4
My list
2x Dagger
2x Tala


Started quite well, doing 7 damage to one IG, but after that I couldnt hit a barn door (dam vassal dice and unreal green dice on his part) he killed his own IG on a rock and the other IG just cleaned up from there
Lose 50-100

Game 5
My list
Chewbacca, VI, C3P0
Dash, PTL, Mango, Nien Numb, Title, Engine

2 Blues

Now the guy I was playing for this final match is a really good Vassal player and he is very skillful with his Dash and 2 Blue list, which he has been running for a while I believe.
So my goal was to make him split his fire and it worked well, getting Dash down to 3 hull, he was then to far out for a few turns, I got to work killing a blue, and as Dash turned back in, my dash was able to do a boost and barrel roll back into Range 1, he conceded at this point, as in total I had only took 5 damage between both of my ships. I will point out though, I had some very good green dice, and my Dash should of been at least 3-4 life less, if not gone completely.
Win 100-0

So thats my final Vassal league game!
Lets see where I finished!

Finished 3rd! With the guy I beat in round 5 winning the group!
With drop outs, 3rd is enough to get me into division 3 :)

So working my way up :)

Thursday, 4 June 2015

UK Escalation

So here is the 3rd part of my weekend at the UKGE
So after failing to make the cut I played in a Escalation style event.
2 games at 60pts, 2 at 90pts, and 2 at 120 pts.

My list-

Blue x2

Bandits x2
Blue x3

120 pts
Bandits x2
Blue x3
Wes, VI

So sorry for writing this up late!
Lets see what I can remember

Game 1, 60 pts
Wedge, R2-T1, VI
Gold, Bomb loadout, Seimic, Ion turret, R3-A2

Good game, first exchange happened at range 3 which was where I wanted it, next one range 1, meaning at this point his Y-wing limps off heavy damaged, and I send a Bandit to follow it, while one of my Blues goes down, my other blue chases after Wedge
Once the Y-wing goes down, my bandit joins in hunting Wedge, and against two ships Wedge struggled
Win 60-22

Different but very cool paint scheme

Engagement at range 3

Game 2, 60 pt, aka battle of the Admins
Xizor, adv sensors, VI, title
2 Binyres

Now it was to be the battle of two admins of the UK/IRL x-wing facebook page, and so off we went!
I went straight after xizor, but he took a lot before he went down, I also lost a blue quite quickly around the same time, now this is were it got close, both of my ships I believe only had 1 hull left, and so did both of his I believe (Trying to remember everything)
But it turned out both of mine survived just! So a nail biting final couple of rounds!
Win 60-22

Trying to hunt Xizor
Game 3, 90pts
Echo, Vi, ACD, Recon
Soontir, PTL, Stealth, Title, Autothrusters
Academy pilot

Now I dont remember much from this game, maybe because not much happened, his Academy stayed out the fight, and soontir and echo took a few hits, but I could never keep them in my sights, but also my ships didnt take much damage either! But he did 1 shot a bandit with echo, and took the other bandit down to
Lose 0-24

Echo and Soontir slowly fly towards my formation
Game 4, 90pts
Farlander, Adv sensors, Stay on Target, E2, C3P0
2x Daggers, FCS

Now he flew near enough at my formation, dealing 2 damage to me, but losing 7 damage on one of his B-wings, that B-wing went down next turn, the game continued in that way, but he did manage to take down 1 of my B-wings by the end of the game.
Win 90-22

Game 5, 120pts
Soontir, Title, PTL, Targeting Computer, Autothrusters
2x Royal Guard, Title, PTL, Targeting Computer, Autothrusters
1 x Royal Guard, PTL, Autothrusters

Now at this point and after 3 days of gaming, I was starting to get tired, but the game started well, when Soontir found himself in arc of all my ships!
Wes shot, he used a focus and a evade to take no damage, but then Wes stripped his over focus, and then my mini swarm took him apart, the game continued, with next turn me dropping another Interceptor, to keep up a tradition it seemed, I lose a blue pilot, but other then that, very little damage else where, Wes and his token stripping abilities was massive.
Win -120-22

Interceptors running out of running room!
 Game 6, 120 pts
Corran Horn, PTL, Adv Sensors, R2D2
3 Prototypes, Refits
1 Farrell, PTL, Proton Rockets

We found ourselves on the top table.
Now I dont remember much from this game except, Wes went down quickly and I went A-wing hunting, and then it was a long game of Corran picking off ships 1 by 1 as I couldnt deal enough damage to him or the A-wing which ran away.
Lose 60-120

Shoot the A-wings!

So 4-2 again, I was quite pleased with that, specially as I havnt had much practice with rebel swarms, but it was different and fun to play, and I am looking into flying something like that again!
I finished 6th, dam you MOV and the guy I lose to in game 6 won the event.
But a good day of X-wing and its interesting to see what different ideas come out in games of Escalation.

Monday, 1 June 2015

X:Wing, UK Nationals event!

National time! Got to Birmingham, had drinks, bought stuff... but thats not what this post is about!

So as usual a run down, I played so many games over the days, and I may miss or get games mixed up!

So if you havnt seen my Road to Nationals blog you wont know what I am using!
So here it is!

My list-

Dash, PTL, Title, Mango Cannon, Engine, Nien Numb
Chewbacca, VI, C3P0

So a quick picture of the room we were playing in!
Taken at a random point of the day!

Everybody Gaming

Game 1
Soontir, Jax, Royal Guard all with PTL, title, Stealth, Autothrusters

Yep so a struggled this game, I kept him in arc, I even used Dash as a blocker, and taking shots in arc against Interceptors with no actions, and I still couldnt get a hit through, it came down in the end to him just chasing down my ships intill he could finish them, Soontir had 1 hull left and the other 2 ships were untouched.
Lose 0-100

Opening Engagement

Game 2
Whisper, Rebel Captive, Sensor Jammer, VI, ACD
Boba Fett, ion cannon, proton bombs, outmanoeuvre, tactician, engine

So Dash got down to 1 hull very quickly and Boba went down, but lucky for Dash, he couldnt line up his Whisper to take out Dash, meaning over a few turns my turrets picked shields off Whisper intill he was space dust.
Win 100-0

Boba is now dead this turn, Chewbacca finishes him
Game 3
Corran Horn, R2D2, FCS, Stealth
2x Green pilots, PTL, Proton Rockets, Stealth

So played this guy at Rugby a couple of weeks before and lost, but this game it helped that his dice were slightly below average which helped my case, took down all his ships with no loses, and was able to keep Corran out of the fight for quite a few turns early on, which helped me drop his A-wings
Win 100-0
Now before going on, a quick shout out to this guy for picking me up a copy of Imperial Assault on Sunday from the expo, as I didnt have time! Much appreciated!

Dash Arc dodging 
Game 4
Han, Lone wolf, C3P0, Luke, ,Title, Engine
Jake, VI, PTL, Proton Rockets, Autothrusters, Title

Now this game didnt take to long, he wiped me quite quickly, I had Han down to 1 Hull which was a bugger, but as normal you just cant make damage stick to Han, Jake was around, just pinging off shields and hull off my ships
Lose 0-100

Run Dash Run!
Game 5
Whisper, VI, Gunner, FCS, ACD
Oicunn, Experimental, Expose, Intel agent, Vader, Rebel Captive

So I focuses quickly on Oicunn, dealing lots of crits and quickly taking him out but, at this point Chewbacca only had 1 Hull left and was destroyed by Whisper.
Dash on Whisper I was quite confident with that, and as the other player found out, Dash is very fast, and in the end took down whisper, I really enjoyed this game vs a great friendly guy
Win 100-46

Dash is chasing you

Game 6
Kath, Dampeners, Pred, Recon
Guri, Pred, Autothrusters
Suhlak, Dampeners, Lone wolf

Guri died very quick as he was caught against Dash and Chewbacca, Suhlak did some heavy damage before going down and leaving Dash on 1 Hull, but Dash was well Dash, and he never let Kath have a shoot on him! So he lived!
Win 100-0

Final Rankings
 Now I finished 26th which I was very happy with, but if I took down the 1 hull soontir and the 1 hull Han, I would of make the top 16, but all in all I was very happy with 4-2 on the day!

Right there it is my quick run down of how I did at the Nationals!

Now Escalation report to follow!

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Road to Nationals

So I doing this blog over the course of May, and will post up beginning of June after the Nationals have finished.
Just a log for me mostly, but some might find it interesting.
These games will happen over the course of a month, and remember these are notes, so parts might not make sense.

So starting list

Han, Vi, R2D2, C3P0, Title
2x Blue

Now going into the MK regional I knew this build was coming to the end of its life, but I thought I would make it into the Nationals with this build.. but I finished 24th out of 60 people, which wasnt good, and so I knew it was time to fly something else.

Now I have flown many builds, swarms arc dodgers etc, so lucky I was practised flying many different things.
So I start looking at threats

Big ships- seem to be dying but still a massive threat, includes Han, RAC and IG's
Swarms- not many around but nasty
Phantoms/Soontir- not many phantoms currently, but Soontir is everywhere
Rebel Swarms- 4-5 normally low PS, with BBBBZ being the most popular

Now I am sure there are others, but these are the main ones in my mind.
So I thought I will go with a Rebel swarm with a difference

So my first thought is this

2x Tala

Shoots before traditional swarms, low enough PS to block large ships and soontir etc, so I thought I would give it a go and see how it works.

Game 1 (Vassal)-
IGB, HLC, Stay on Target, FCS, Inertial Dampeners, Title, Autothrusters
IGD, HLC, Stay on Target, FCS, Inertial Dampeners, Title, Autothrusters

Started quite well, doing 7 damage to one IG, but after that I couldnt hit a barn door (dam vassal dice and unreal green dice on his part) he killed his own IG on a rock and the other IG just cleaned up from there
Lose 50-100

So not a good start, I think if dice were a bit more average I might of done a bit better, but high agility lists like this were always going to be a struggle for me, will have to have a think, about this.

Game 2 (Vassal)-
So after losing to them, I decided to fly Duel IGs!
My list
IGA, PTL, Adv sensor, Autothrusters, Title, HLC, Dampeners
IGC, PTL, adv sensor, Autothrusters, title, Mango

Doom shuttle

So the worst possible match up! Aggressors hate arc dodgers, but it was going well, Soontir gone, shuttle gone, and then I did a red move... forgetting I was already stressed! Bye bye Aggressor off the table! And the other one was shot down soon after, quite annoying as I thought I would of had that.
Lose 58-100
But the Aggressors were so fun to fly, so I might re-think on the rebel swarm and go with the Brobots

A gaining shields back is quite nice, specially if I face a swarm, and C's ability is also handy and fun, but I want B in the list.. so I think I will drop C and go with B for the next game.
Also as general B will die first, as A will sit at long range I going to drop PTL off of A and add Lone wolf instead, this also lets me add Dampeners to IGB, so new list.

IGA, Lone Wolf, Adv sensor, Autothrusters, Title, HLC, Dampeners
IGB, PTL, adv sensor, Autothrusters, title, Mango, Dampeners
So starting to like the brobots, lets see how this version goes.

So onto next game

Game 3
3 Binyre
2 Cartel Spacers
2 Syndicate Thug

Basically with lots of blocking it was a long game, which went to time, he struggle to get shots, and I struggled to shot anything
Lose 44-51

Hmm struggles vs Blockers and I am not liking PTL currently, changes to be made are basically adding predator to both ships and using D for his awesome turn ability.

New list
IGB, Predator, adv sensors, autothrusters, title, Mango
IGD, Predator Adv sensors, autothrusters, title, HLC, Dampeners

Game 4
4 Binyre Pirates with Feedback!

To sum this game up, I flew a fully healthed IG off the table with a silly move, so this game was quick
Lose 28-100

Because of my silly mistake it wasnt much of a practice game, so I am keeping the same list at this point

Game 5
Shuttle, Fleet officer
Soontir, ptl, autothrusters
Rexlar HLC

Well I took down the shuttle and Rexlar but Soontir never took a shot all game, and was able to finish my aggressors
Lose 68-100

Right so I need more firepower to drop ships like shuttles quicker, also need some kind of blockers to deal with ships like Soontir
So lets add some Binyre pirates for next game, while keeping D as his ability was used so many times

New list
IGD Pred, Adv sensors, HLC, Autothrusters, Dampeners
4 x Binyre Pirates

Game 6
Duel IG

A good game, but my HLC let me murder through his Aggressors, and the head-hunters did some nice blocking to
Win 100-24

So good start and a really strong win, the headhunters really made a difference here, so not changes yet.

Game 7
2 Mango Scyks
3 Thugs with Autoblaster

A quite simple game in the end, using my headhunters as blockers and to cause problems and the HLC just picking off ships quickly
Win 100-0

Simple and nothing to do differently, IGD's ability really helps

Game 8

Soonit, Jax and a Royal Guard
All with PTL, Stealth, Autothrusters, title

This list won the MK regional and was going to be hard for my list, but with some good blocking and some nice HLC shots the Interceptors soon died.
Win 100-12

Really happy with this build still, and I think I will be taking it to a tournament next week, which is two weeks before the Nationals.

Game 9 (Vassal)

IGB, PTL, adv sensors, Autothrusters, HLC, Dampeners
Boba. VI, Tactician, Dampeners, Engine

Basically, Boba goes down as does a Headhunterquite early, but then my IG falls (it had taken a alot of shots) and another headhuner.
So his IG on 4 Hull and 1 shields vs 2 of my headhunters, and the chase started! I got a blinded pilot crit on him, but his gunner ability meant it was ignored near enough!
With 2 hull on his IG left I got a crit through to make him PS0, next turn he Looped and a headhunter within range 1, and managed to finish it!
So the 2 headhunters hunted down a IG!
Win 100-76

Hmm, not sure I will change anything here, think I will stick with it again, its doing well currently, even if it did scrap through that game.

Game 10 (Vassal)
Jax, Shield, PTL, Autothrusters, Title
Sigma, sensor jammer, intel agent, stguim x2

So a good game, but my IG was able to bring the hurt in this game, the IG finished all 3 ships, while the headhunters put a little damage through but mainly there for bait/annoyance and blocking and did their job well before dying.
Win 100-48

I wont make any changes yet, but I notice I might get a low MOV with this list, which could be slightly worrying.

So a nice sunny drive saw me play in a event in Rugby, I took the list I lets see how I go.
Up for prizes was a Spring Kit, table top Han Solo cards, and some vouchers to spend in store!
So lots of goodies to play for!

Game 11 (Game 1 of event)
Corran Horn
2 A-wings

I forgot to write down upgrades but this game was unreal, he murdered my IG and took out 3 headhunters while the other ran away for a while, after the early exchanges shooting my IG, he never rolled a blank... and my evade dice.... well never rolled anything but blanks!
So a dead IG very quickly, I was able to take a A-wing out, but that was about it,
Not a good start
Lose 28-88

Game 12 (Game 2 of event)
4 Ties
Darth Vader

Well early exchange saw two of his Ties blown up without me taking a single damage, and the game continued from there, he kept taking all his shots vs the IG and only did 2 damage to him all game
Win 100-0

Game 13 (Game 3 of event)
2 Blue squadrons

This was the only Turret at the event, and a list that I believed I could deal with quite well, and I did, both B-wings had died to a lose of two of my headhunters, now because MOV was going to be important, I flew the other 2 headhunters off, and let the IG chase Lando for the rest of the game! And thats what he did!
Win 100-24

So a final placing of 3rd, I am looking at tweaks to this list, and I may even drop the IG all together, as I dont believe I flew it well at all, for something else that I think I can fly better, but I will keep thinking.

So after talking to a few people, I thought I will finally give Dash a try, I have never flown him but lets give it a go!
So my last game in the Vassal league seemed a good time to!

Game 14 (Vassal)
My list
Chewbacca, VI, C3P0
Dash, PTL, Mango, Nien Numb, Title, Engine

2 Blues

Now the guy I was playing for this final match is a really good Vassal player and he is very skillful with his Dash and 2 Blue list, which he has been running for a while I believe.
So my goal was to make him split his fire and it worked well, getting Dash down to 3 hull, he was then to far out for a few turns, I got to work killing a blue, and as Dash turned back in, my dash was able to do a boost and barrel roll back into Range 1, he conceded at this point, as in total I had only took 5 damage between both of my ships. I will point out though, I had some very good green dice, and my Dash should of been at least 3-4 life less, if not gone completely.
Win 100-0

So a very good result, and I cant believe it, this guy is a very very good Dash player, I would like to think I flew Dash well, but as pointed out, my green dice had a big impact, but there were a few turns where my Dash arc dodged everything and was able to take free shots.

Hmm I can see why people like the YT-3700 lists.

Game 15 (Vassal)
So I kept the same list, at 99 points its quite handy in the first game being able to give away initiative, and it was massive in this second game! As I gave it away again

Dash, PTL, Engine, Title, Jan, Mango
Farlander, HLC, PTL, Engine, Adv sensors

so we used 6 debris fields and went on from there, I played very aggressive and put some massive hurt on his Dash within the first 2 engagements and I believe it was the 3rd engagement (4th turn) when dash went down, at this point my Dash hasnt even been touched but Chewbacca has took a few hits.
So a couple of more turns and Chewbacca falls but so does Farlander on the same turn
So Win 100-46

Now Farlander was never able to get a shot on Dash and dash didnt take a single point of damage, now Chewbacca took all the fire, which he is great at doing and it takes the pressure of Dash
Again no changes to my list, as I am still quite happy with how it is playing.

Game 16 (Vassal)
2 Blues

100-0 win

Not much to say, except my Dash dodges arcs and stayed inside his HLC doughnut alot, my chewbacca did his job again, and took most of the damage, in fact he took all of it, he was on 4 Hull at the end of the game, while my Dash was untouched.

So this list once again has no changes, I am now only a few days away from the Nationals! So not much time to change anything anyway, so I just hope I can get some good match ups with this list and hopefully I can avoid playing any brobot lists!

So off to Nationals!
If you reading this it is most likely the Nationals have finished with the National Report coming soon :)

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