Friday, 16 August 2013

Space Wolves review 6th!

So after my game last night went like this-

Nids come forward
Nids get shoot
Wolves win, with only one unit making it to combat (genestealers) and they got beaten down in combat by wolves!

Only my second ever win against nids to my knowledge, as they always been a bit of a curse to me! but o well

Anyway quick review of wolves (very quick)

Keep Calm
Use Wolves!


Logan Grimnar
He is a beast, but way to expensive, nice abilities and weaponry, but I you can get a full squad of Grey Hunters AND long fangs for his cost, so 5/10

Njal Stormcaller
Best psychic in the wolves codex, but also expensive, the weather ability is nice but not game changing, can take two normal rune priests for his cost will points left over, but not a bad choice 6/10

Ragnar blackmane,
instant kill, to expensive... he dies used him a few times, never done any good, 2/10

Ulrik the Slayer
One of the special characters I like, against nids and new eldar he is awesome, and is well costed as well, I will use him more, but he is now only ap4 on combat, still good choice against certain armies 7/10

Why? Just take a lord instead on a thunderwolf.. that way you get a invulnerable save 2/10

6th ed has hurt him with the new glancing rules, but overall still a VERY solid choice, who I like to use often (6/10)

Wolf Lords
are the second best HQ choice in the codex, lots of perfect load outs, but I like thunderwolf, twin claws and a belt of russ (8/10)

Rune priests
Best HQ in the codex, JOTWW is broken and I have always had a lot of success with it, and the living lightning is also a awesome spell. I always take at least one of these, sometimes (like last night) I take 3! 10/10

Wolf Priest
meh, take Ulrik instead 2/10

Battle Leader
Same as lord but slightly worse, still a good choice 6/10


Wolf Guard
Can take anything. so yer awesome! normally use them as terminators, which the wolf claw and storm shield load out is expensive but broken in 6th ed cc rules 8/10

Dreadnoughts/ Venerable
Both die to easily, dont use them often, 3/10

Iron priest
nothing needs to be said, never ever use this 0/10

meh okay, but used to be better when they could assault, still might pop a tank or something 4/10

Long Wolf
Basically a mini hive tyrant if you tool him out well, awesome model, that has to die! chuck it at something and look how hard he can be to kill! 7/10


Grey Hunters
Cheap, awesome, marines, nothing else needs to be said, one of if not the best troop choice in the game 10/10

Blood Claws
Take hunters instead for the same cost 2/10

Fast Attack

Thunderwolf Cavalry
drool, lovely lovely lovely,  they just destroy anything they get near! I going to get another 10 of these now there is plastic options, take often 8/10

Swiftclaw bikers
Own 10, never used them, just so many better options in this codex 2/10

Same as the bikers but a but less usefull 1/10

Land Speeders
I personally dont like them, but a lot of people do, so I will let you decide 4/10

Fenrisain Wolfs
massive cheap tarpit, add a wolf lord on a thunder wolf and you are set, without a thunder wolf 1/10 with a thunder wolf 8/10

Heavy Support

Long fangs
take missile launchers.. always missiles 10/10 for lots of missiles

Long fangs are better and dont die as quick as one of these 4/10

I like them for some long range support , doesnt kill much but can do some damage 6/10

Why? you close combat, you want to kill your own guys? maybe to lead a tank spearhead tho 6/10

Land Raiders (all 3)
Good transport and fire power, I lke the Redeemer the most 8/10 as it  wants to get in combat for its flamers, then the godhammer can offer some nice anti tank support 6/10 and the crusader is only good for its capacity 5/10


Tin death box of doom, could for a quick rush forward in the first turn and second if you are lucky 3/10

Dont use them to trainsport models, I use them to support my long fangs but offering more range support, good but not great 7/10

Drop pods
9/10 straight off, I know Russ believes we should stay on the group, but how about a way to drop in, open fire, and then next turn charge the remaining lot? awesome

So yer I did say quick review lol, but I might get my wolves back out a bit more!

Make Russ proud! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Update on everything!

So quick update on my gaming then!

So I have been given a 3000 point daemon army for fantasy... last time I played fantasy I had dwarfs, so least I get to try some magic again, still split if I will continue with them or not, but I thought I would have a go.

Played a game with my wolves vs a Tau player and rushed his lines with 4 land raiders, well he only destroyed 1, the rest of the game was well easy, as Tau cant hold the rush of 30 marines + 8 Terminators in combat!

Last and not least, the tale of 4 gamers (is now 4 of us not 5) has been pushed back a month, it was agreed by all due to one gamer not being able to make it, and some another to sort out money etc.
But on my progress I now have painted 20 orks and my war boss, so I am getting there! Least I have another month to get them painted now :)

Happy gaming :)