Tuesday, 11 June 2013


So as most people know, Necrons is my main army and has always been my favourite

So after spending another £100 on them (woops) and still more to come

I am almost finish my collection

Just a few more bits-

Nemesor Zahndrekh
Vargard Obyron

They are now the only two special characters I am missing!
Anyway also I want to get-

10 Flayed ones, ( I already have 10, but I want a unit of 20)
5 Deathmarks ( I have 5, but I want 10 lol)
1 annihilation barge ( I want 3 lol, so I need 1 more)

and I think that is it currently.

My current collection of Necrons looks like this (what I own)

Imotekh the stormlord
Illuminor Szweas
Orikan the Diviner
Anrakyr the Traveller
Trazyn the Infinite
2 Necron Overlords
1 Destroyer Lords

3 Necron Lords
5 Crypteks

100 Necron Warriors
10 Immortals with Tesla Cabines
10 Immortals with Guardd Blasters

2 Ghost Arks
1 Night Scythe

5 Deathmarks
7 Lychguards with Shields
5 Lychguards with warscythes ( bought these on monday)
5 Praetorians
1 C'Tan Shard
10 Flayed ones

3 Wraiths
20 Scarabs (ish anyway)
8 Necron Destroyers
4 Necron Heavy Destroyers

1 Doomsday ark
3 Necron Monoliths
1 Doom Scythe
2 Canoptek Spyders

I also have 2 command barges/ annihilation barges,  they can be either, 

Friday, 7 June 2013

And so its over!

So another loss for my guard, but the Necron half of the army did well,

But overall my guard got taken out quickly leaving me with no way of holding objectives :(

It was one of the most fun games I have had this campaign tho, good enjoyable with a good laugh afterwards.

But on a side note, it will be my last campaign game of this campaign, my guard are going into hiding and I am getting out my necrons fully (out of the tombs of plastic boxes that are hiding away)

So from this point, intill next campaign I will be only playing in friendlies with my Necrons and no more campaign games.

Hopefully I can get to try out all the special characters, some might not be brilliant, but I want to have a laugh with them.

Happy Gaming :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bored of 40k

Yes 40k is boring me!

I love my necrons and dont plan to stop playing, but for now the current campaign is on I am using Guard (and I am bored of them) but I no longer see a point of playing.

I love playing competitively, but only if I am having fun as well, but we seem to have 1-2 players who now seem to win every game, and it looks like they will dominate the 40k leagues from now on, which does make it boring for a lot of us.  I few people have said the same thing and I think next time round it would be a good idea to have 2 leagues again. I have never been this de-motivated to play since I started the game.

I love 6th and imo its the best edition I have played in, I love the new necrons etc but the only 'fun games' I have had lately have been against my brother and against Marks Nids (which I lost) but they have been fun games.

Lets see what the future holds, but I am starting to head back over to warmachine and magic a lot more then I used to.