Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Current campaign Table!

So I keep showing whats happening in my games!
And so here is the table so far (3 points for a win)

(Also sorry, I dont know why it is going funny)

25:Grey Knights.-I lost to these
19. Dark Elder -I lost to these
18: Eldar -Have not played
18. Luke Townsend.(Necrons)- MEEEEE
17: Space Marines-Havnt played
9: Sisters -Havnt played
9. Space Wolves- Havnt played (this is next game)
9.Necrons-- Havnt played
7: Imperial Guard - I won

7. Grey Knights - I won
5: Dark Eldar- I Havnt played
5. Imperial Guard- Havnt played
5. Tau- I won
4: Tau(My brother)- I won
3: Chaos Marines- I won
1: Space Marines- I won

So I still got some tough games to play, I am hopefully still pushing for second, but I reckon 3rd would be good as its my first run out with the New Necrons!
Original Goal-5th or better-I should at least finish 4th now (hopefully anyway)