Sunday, 27 October 2013

X-wing, a few list ideas

So I have been making a few x-wing lists, 100 points btw, here are 4 I like, 3 rebel lists and 1 Imperial

So let's Start with the Imperial, as its straight forward and quite common

Night beast (tie fighter)

Mauler mithel (tie fighter)
Engine upgrade

Dark curse (tie fighter)

4 Academy pilots (tie fighters)

So 7 ties, and the common tradition Imperial swarm, so nothing to say here.

So let's try a rebel list, now most 100 point rebel list have 2-3 ships, so I had a go with one with 4 ships

Prototype pilot (A-wing)
Homing missiles

Prototype pilot (A-wing)
Homing missiles

Red squadron pilot (x-wing)
Shield upgrade

Rookie pilot (x-wing)

Basic idea is that the a-wings use their speed to go up the flank of the other player, while the x-wings use their brute force and shields to go up the middle and start hitting the other players ships, before the a-wings come along and hits with their homing missiles

Next list then,

Kyle-katarn (Hwk-290)
Blaster turret
Recon specialists
Moldy crow

Blue squadron pilot (B-wing)
2 adv proton torpedoes

Blue squadron pilot (B-wing)
2 adv proton torpedoes

Basic idea, kyle in his famous ship, supplies the b-wings with focus, while they go around blowing stuff up with their torpedoes, kyles Hwk-290 packs a punch with its blaster turret, turning a support ship into a hard hitting ship with 360 turret

Last list has only two ships

Han-solo (yt-1300)
Adrenaline rush

Chewbacca (yt-1300)
Luke Skywalker (crew)
Adrenaline rush

Yep you see it, two nice yt-1300, won't stop a swarm but would be a strong list against most builds, with han and Chewbacca piloting 1 each it makes some powerful damage output.
For some of the friends who don't game, but do read this, I know most of you don't know what a yt-1300 is, its basically the millennium falcon :)

So a few lists, what do people think?

Happy gaming :)

Friday, 25 October 2013


So I am selling a few bits on ebay, basically armies I have bought, and changed my mind on, as well as some brand new in the box models!
Auctions end tomorrow, but fancy a look? Here are the links

Used Models-

Warhammer 40k, Chaos Army

Warhammer, Khorne Deamon Army

Warhammer, Tzeentch Deamon Army

New Models-

Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons

Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard Chimera

Warhammer 40k, Necron Flayed Ones

So the reason I am selling them new models is that most have been sitting there for 6+months, I am not interested in building more Imperial Guard currently and the Necron Flayed ones I bought to many boxes

Happy Gaming :)


So my best friend from uni, has recommended me on his blog, so its only fair I recommend his back :)
He talks about every day things, such as days out, but does reviews, such as gaming consoles (such as upcoming xbox1, and ps4) an

The second blog I am going to recommend is another friends blog, but like mine he talks about gaming systems., such as warhammer 40k, he also makes cards for warlord traits and the such, so give it a look!
musingsofawargamer! CLICK HERE

So give these a look if you fancy :)

Happy Gaming

New blog Targets

So as most of you know, I am a bit inconsistent on my posting, well I plan to change that, planning to post at least twice in a week, I am also going to start putting links on the blog every now and again, to other blogs I recommend.

Just a quick update, this is all part of the plan to try and push the blog to over 1000 views each month. The blog currently sits inbetween the 600-700 bracket :) 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

X-wing rebels

So, I finally have some rebels and got to use them tonight

First game was my

Upgrade etc, can't remember the rest

Up against a tooled up b-wing and x-wing

And I won, the focus factory hwk means the b-wing is always able to target lock and then use focus on torpedo's

Second game was 50 points more, so I added Chewbacca in the falcon, and he played 5 ties, 1 intercepter and a firespray

Well his luck was terrible, he rolled 2 evades in 30 rolls I think so her I won, without losing a ship on either game.

But both games he had terrible luck and rolls.

Overall I learned how important barrel rolls can be, and how important it is to keep the right ships focused

Happy gaming :)

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Forward the Space Craft! (x-wing)

So x-wing! A game which I have started to enjoy a lot! only played 3 games so far, but still its a good game!

A game where it is balanced!  And even when I have lost I have still had a enjoyable game! So why is this game so enjoyable? Why has this game been picked up by more gamers then the makers predicted?

The balance is what does it for me, I have played so many gaming system and have always seen unbalance everywhere, but in this game, there is very little to unbalance it. but it comes down to your skill to move your ships around (I am not very good at this yet.... I keep crashing -.- )

Yes and its based on Star Wars, the Rebels vs the Imperial, which also makes it that bit more fun, based on something most people know about, has made it even easier to pick up for me, as there is little to no background needed for this game! As we all know about star wars!!

Anyway, just a quick post :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Eldar and x-wing

So a bad night for my gaming

My wolfs got thrashed by eldar... No wonder everyone is saying they are broken!

Took a 1000 points out in 2 turns... Wtf? Deathknight thing is way to powerful!!

And x-wing was a bit closer but lost at that to!  I need more ships I think!  O no money spending time lol!!

Hope everyone else is winning more then me this week!