Thursday, 12 July 2012

Battle Report Necrons vs Dark Angels

So basic objective mission! My second game of 6th!

My list-

Overlord, Warscythe, Command Barge

5 Deathmarks

10 Immortals, Tesla

10 Immortals, Gauss, Night Scythe

9 Warriors, Ghost Ark

5 Warriors, Ghost art

Doomsday Ark

Dooms Scythe

His list (roughly) 


3 x 5 Terminators (2 squads will missile launchers, 1 with Assault cannon)

2 Forge world dreadnoughts, (once with two assault cannons)

Set up

He set up first and goes first

He starts everything on the field, from the start it always looked like he was going to charge headlong into me, so I played defensive.

I started everything on field except deathmarks and both flyers (and gauss Immortals who were in the Night Scythe.

Turn 1

He moves forward, shooting done nothing except killing 1 immortal.

I held position, with the Doomsday Ark killing two terminators.

Turn 2

He moves forward, taking hull point off the Doomsday ark and immobilises one ghost ark and weapons destroys the other.

Night Scythe comes in with immortals, goes forward drops off immortals. Immortals and Sycthe take two hull points of one of the dreadnoughts, warriors in one of the ghost arks take a hull point of the other dreadnought

Turn 3

He continues to move forward! 1 squad of terminators and 1 dreadnought completely wipes out my gauss Immortals and the other dreadnought destroys one ghost ark by taking the hull points of it.

Nothing comes in! Night scythe finishes off a dreadnought, the Tesla immortals take down a couple of terminators and the Doomsday ark kills entire assault cannon squad terminators leaving both of his independent characters on their own.

Turn 4

His shooting didnt do anything really, he assaults, 3 terminators failed to charge and one gets killed by over watch, but his characters charged and took out 5 immortals! I passed leadership and all 5 stood back up!

Death marks came in and killed 3 terminators out of his untouched squad.
Night scythe finishes off other dreadnought and the Doom scythe come in and finishes of the two terminators who failed their charge. Combat my Lord charged in and Belial challenged him, which I accepted and after Belial failed the mind shackle scarab roll he killed himself with his own Thunder Hammer, Liberian was dragged down by the remaining immortals in combat.

This left him with only 2 terminators who decided to save themselves and run (Other player gave me the game).

So overall.. I did very well, not losing a lot and killing everything but two terminators! Pleased with this list