Wednesday, 31 October 2012

So 2 more warmachine games!

So yep played two more warmachine games (both were only demo games tho)

The first one was against retribution and I won, but the main idea was to show him how to play!

Second game the other player borrowed some of my menoth, he won with pop and drop pkreoss, and again only a demo so I didnt go in to ripping them both up!

Next week I have a game against the 3rd and final player but he knows what he is doing! So I am going in for a good game I reckon. 

Friday, 26 October 2012

So a bit slow!

So not a lot is happening atmo, a few more Warmachine players in St Neots who are interested!
And about it!
Still thinking about the next 40k campaign, I reckon I am going Guard, as they can ally with any of my armies! So that could be fun!

Err about it...

Mostly playing fifa 13 and started playing skyrim again... yep this whole post was a bit pointless!

Also I am looking forward to the end of this Month when the Judicator is out for Menoth (Warmachine) Thats already on my shopping list :D

About it for now!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Warmachine 50 points!

So my Menoth had a 50pts game vs my usual Khador player! And I won, it was a tightly fought game, but after I had pkreoss feat, the next few turns turned into a blood bath, the feat allowed me to take out a few certain models and help get my models in position for the next few turns!
He did chuck everything in range at my Warcaster in his last turn, but kreoss has 2 boxes left and so he conceded.

10 Man Errants with UA are awesome, good tarpit with defenders ward and can really dish out damage as well as take it!
Vessel of Judgement, I have always been undecided on battle engines including this one, but it did really well,   caused a lot of problems with its boosted shooting and setting things on fire!
Reckoner's, This is the first time I have used them, so I used two! One got wrecked early but the other one, kept causing problems and doing well!

My warcaster placement is still off, I need to practice that more, sometimes my war caster found itself horribly exposed, I am lucky the Khador player didn't take full advantage
Mechanic, I will continue to use him, but I need to make sure I place him better to make sure I am in B2b with either a Jack or the Vessel of Judgement

So we are playing tomorrow! And hopefully we will get two games in, instead of one as we have a bit more time! Good to play again though as we havnt been able to play in a while!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Warmachine Vessel of Judgement

So after my plan to use the Vessel today, I thought I would post pictures of it as the blog has been quiet lately

First picture is the whole thing, the second is a close up of the front.
I havnt played a game in ages I think I am going to have to go up to Cambridge to play, as with only 1 player in my LGS, and now I can no longer make the gaming night being back at Uni till late on Thursdays! Time is limited to play.