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X-wing MK 16/01/16

So my turn to right a blog! I havnt done one in a while so this feels weird! 
Only a brief one, as we had Anthony's Guest article covering the same event!

So I roll up to MK with a bit of a different list., 30 players turned up for this event.
Instead of Rebels I took a random Scum build, the idea was my last laid back tournament before the Store Championships. I went in with the goal of winning 1 or 2 and having a nice relaxing day!
So my list-

NDru, Cluster Missile, Hull, Lone Wolf, Glitterstims
2x Black Sun Ace, Crack Shot
2x Binayre Pirates

So basic idea Ndru is on his own as a massive alpha strike or to hit a single ship, while the other 4 fly in a tight formation and try to drop a ship early.
If this all works I should be able to mop up!

Game 1-
3 Y-wings, TLT, Unhinged
Mux, TLT

So 4 Tlts, dam I thought what a hard game to start with.
I got lucky early on though as a range 3 exchange between a headhunter and 1 y-wing (both doing 1 shield to each other) Next turn my Black Suns wer able to deal 7 hits to the Y-wing, and crack shot made sure it stayed dead!
After that there was a lot of chasing and jousting intill slowly another Y-wing went down aswell as Mux, but I did lose both of my kihraxz and a headhunter. Time was called and it is only just a full win.
Win 75-60

There was a Y-wing infront of my kihraxz

Game 2-
Poe, VI, Autothrusters, R5-P9
2 Blues, FCS
Prototype, refit

So I had to munch through a lot of hull, and I didnt... it took me a lot longer then I wanted to drop Poe (Dam failed Cluster missiles) but he did full in the end as well as the A-wing, but time this had happened I had took way to much damage.
I did have a headhunter who was determined not to die, but in the end (after a lot of turns) he finally went down.
Lose 52-100

Game 3-
Guri, Pred, Autothruster, title, sensor jammer
Palob, title, pred, tlt
2x PS 3 Headhunters

So  a slow start with not much damage going on, intill Ndru got to the other side of his ships and unleashed the cluster missiles! First game these had a affect, they dropped Palob in one go!
After that I went in on his headhunters, while losing a headhunter myself.
Final turn of this game Guri was able to finish of Ndru, but a kihraxz fighter was able to finish the job
Win 100-40

Game 4-
4 Kihraxz

So what a game this turned out to be! One moment I felt if I had the edge and the next he had it! IT was such a close game going down right to the wire.
Most of this game was a bit joust, but it finished off with one of his kihraxz with 4 Hull left vs one of mine with all hull and a shield and a 2 hull Ndru...
So the 2 kihraxz were caught in a duel with Ndru turned around, his kihraxz was down to 1 hull vs mine at 1 hull!
So I shoot... 3 blanks... he shoots 1 hit and I roll 2 blank greens! BOOM my kihraxz is gone!
Lucky for me (very lucky) Ndru came in and rolled 3 hits at range 2 (he had lone wolf/focus) to finish this game!
But wow what a game, one of the closest games I have ever played.
Win 100-72
Early turns, we are in for a joust!

Game 5-
Gold, TLT
Doni, TLT, C3P0
Poe, VI, R2D2, Autothrusters

So after winning 3 games I was pretty happy!
So up against a youngster who I have never beat but we have always had good close games and always are enjoyable!

Started with both of our fleets getting split up! No idea why not a good idea!
But Ndru, a kihraxz and a headhunter vs Poe while everyone else was at the other side of the board shooting each other!

Poe lost the fight dealing very little damage out, but time I got muy ships to point at Doni, Doni had taken down a kihraxz and had heavily damaged a headhunter.. but was down to hull herself (Kept regening though)

So a duel happens! Doni finally goes down but all my ships go down to, except Ndru!
The Y-wing has took a few points of damage and is on 3 hull, but I decide to run, as NDru is only on 2 hull!
So for the next 10 mins I was running around the board, and then last turn was called!
And he K-turned his Y-wing and I turned at him with Ndru...
Ndru is down to 1 hull at this point!
Its coming down to dice...
Ndru rolls.......... 4 hits! He does it and downs the Y-wing!
Wow what a close game again!
Another game I really enjoyed and this game and game 4 were two of the best games I have played in a while!

Early turns!
So 4-1, I cant believe I have won 4 games, but it has happened and was a good enjoyable day!
Now you know who won (If you read the guest article by Anthony) but I was pleased to go 4-1.
So this got me a 3rd place finish! Very pleased with this!

Prizes, bronze medal, gunner card and a notebook which I choose.

Till next time :)

Guest writer Anthony Barrett: MK X-wing 16/01/16

It was Guardians of Tyr’s first X wing event of the year and it’s always an excellent day out. I was determined to make a reasonable showing and wanted to use ships from the new films, either a T70 list or a Tie Fo swarm.
I practised my FO swarm against my mate Callum; however I feel I need a bit more practice with it before id feel confident at a tournament. So x wings it is!

I've dabbled with Poe since he was released, initially favouring r5 p9, VI and autothrusters. I’ve found this set up to fall down too easy if you can deny Poe actions, plus it almost complete cuts out boost and target lock. I find the action independence of r2d2 the superior choice, even if it limits movement options a little more. Now VI is amazing when you come up against a fel or a Vader, however so many times I’ve had a range 1 shot with Poe and completely blanked out. I therefore went for lone wolf instead for some re-roll action. Plus it makes him an end game monster!

Ello Asty is by far my favourite t70 pilot. He's nowhere near as survivable as Poe, but his white talon rolls, coupled with the option to boost afterwards, are hilariously fun to play with. Give him VI and he is often the last pilot to move to really abuse this ability. I like getting him up close and personal and didn’t expect too many turrets so I went for integrated astro instead of autothrusters. I don’t think any of the astros really synergies that well with him and my play style, so I went for r4-d6 for insurance against hlcs or range 1 attacks.
I wasn’t too sure how to spend the remaining points so I pumped for a tlt stresshog, adding in a seismic charge to give a small amount of protection to the exposed rear of this slow turning beast.
I went hoping for a positive record and 3 wins.

Round 1: vs Vader-x1,atc,predator, Juno-x1,atc,ptl, tie mk2 Mareek-x1,atc,ptl,tie mk 2
We set up with my goodie far left and the three tie adv in formation directly facing, both my xwings are in the middle of the board. My plan was to get some stress on those ties and flank with my aces. I edge forward with the y whilst the ties full speed ahead for the joust. First round of combat, Vader strips 2 shields of, Juno takes a shield and a crit- Direct hit!!! Mareek then fires and hit, crit, crit. My y went down without even getting off a shot, disaster. Meanwhile my x wings had got in behind the ties and taken all the shields from Vader. Mareek and Juno move forwards to shred some stress whilst my aces get Vader in their sites. 
Vader has no shot and Ello blasts him into oblivion with a range 1 volley. This leaves Poe to take a pot shot at Juno and strip a shield. The ties k turn to get into the action but Ello k turns right behind them. Poe moves a one straight and ends up staring down the barrel of a range 1 shot. Ello fires first and gets 4 hits in, Juno rolls…blank,blank,blank!!! Poe and Mareeks range 1 face off strips a shield from Steele and leaves Mr Dameron unscathed. Now the superior pilot skill and dial of my t-70s mean I stay out of arc of the advanced and slowly whittle down the last shields and hull of the tie.

Win 100-28

Round 2: vs Captain Jonus-swarm tactics, 2x delta squadron-HLC, tie mk 2

The firepower of the HLC’s coupled with Jonus re rolls means that I need to avoid a joust or die a horrible death. I split my squad with Ello left flank and Poe and the y on the right. He moves in formation towards Ello and my right side turns in towards the fight. I get some damage through on Jonus whilst Ello weathers some hits. He makes good use of the white k turns and the defenders get some big hits on Ello.
 R4 comes to the rescues, taking stress to cancel hits and then Integrated astromech keeps me alive long enough to take jonus down. I defender k turns behind my y wing and takes a seismic charge in the face, preceding to lose its shields to poe, before finishing of Asty. The slow turning y is then out of the fight for a while as Poe destroys the damaged defender, before the high plot skill helps to outmanoeuvre the defender and do some heavy damage. The defender gets a crit and its agility is reduced by 1, leaving the y to get back into the fight in time to administer the final two damage with its primary weapon.

Win 100-32

Round 3: vs Boba-vi, engine, gunner, inertial dampeners, 2 x syndicate thug-tlt, unhinged
I don’t feel very confident with this, concerned about Boba’s higher pilot skill and engine letting him dodge arcs. I want to get some stress on him but he sets up the opposite side to my stresshog. My x wings move tentatively at first to see where he will go before hoping to set up a flank later on. Things start badly with Ello on the receiving end of 4 straight hit, hit, hit tlt shots at range 3, no point even rolling dice and he’s down to 2 hull. 
Boba losses a couple of shields and Poe gets into range 1 of the tlts leaving Ello to take more fire. Now the dice turn and Ello rolls 2 evades 4 or 5 times in a row, surviving long enough to help my squad gang up to destroy the y wings, again my gold squad doing significant damage with both primary and tlt, using the stressbot sparingly to allow greater movement options when chasing Boba. Now Boba is facing a debris cloud head on with my y blocking a move to his right and Poe blocking his left. 
Ello is positioned perfectly that he Boba’s chosen move would leave him stranded on a debris. He has to use his dampeners and manages to get off the kill shots on Asty. Poe does some damage and next turn moves into the spot vacated by Ello, this time there are no dampeners and Boba ends up on the debris. The y wing keeps stress on to ensure no actions and my two ships whittle away the last of the feared bounty hunters health.

Win 100-32

Round 4: vs Poe-vi,r2d2,autothrusters, Wes-vi, Cracken-vi, Bandit

I really like the look of this list, with good synergy and 3 PS 10 pilots this could be a really tough list to face. I spread my ships with Ello and the gold to the right and Poe far Left. He sets up in formation facing Ello and gold. His ships initially go towards Ello and I bring Poe in to flank, however he then leaves the bandit out with Ello and his wingmate, whilst the 3 aces move in on Poe to all be range 1. Somehow Poe faces all of their fire without losing a single shield and takes shields from Wes, whilst Ello strips shields from Cracken and the y wing gets 2 stresses on Poe. 
Next turn the bandit K turns into a seismic charge, whilst Wes and Cracken die in quick succession. The stress builds on Poe who can’t turn so runs to clear stress and the Bandit blanks evades to die. Now my 3 ships hunt down Poe, who survives one or two turns longer than expected thanks to R2D2 and some poor rolls on my part, though he soon succumbs like the rest. In the end I won this with relative ease, however if it wasn’t for some big luck with Poe remaining undamaged in the first round of firing, things could have been very different.

Round 5: vs Soontir-ptl,stealth,autothruster, 3x Tempest Squad- accuracy corrector, tie mk 2
So here I was, top table with a very healthy MOV one more game to win. With 98 points he had initiative so importantly for him, Soontir would move last. It was a little dejavu to round 1 with my y wing far left and 3 advances in formation opposite, Poe and Asty in the middle facing the baron. I had learned from round 1 and knew he would go for my stresshog, so I turned him in to run from the Ties whilst my aces went towards Soontir. Next round I went aggressive and turned Poe away from Soontir and into range 1 of the advanced. 
Ello got no damage through with a range 3 shot at Soontir, but lost 2 shields in return. Poe then took a shield of an advanced but lost 3 himself in the onslaught. I was fairly happy with this as he can regen and it gave my y wing time to prepare to get to Soonts. The next turn started how I wanted. Ello k turned in front of soontir blocking his movement and denying actions. The 3 advanced all k’d behind poe who 3 forwarded to regen a shield. Instead of focusing for his ability I boosted to get out of arc of 2 ships and a range 3 of the third. 
With 3 dice, autothrusters and lone wolf I was fairly confident of evading damage. Soontir had no shots and Ello and the stresshog took out an advanced. Poe then had to evade 2 accuracy corrected hits from the forward Tempest and rolled Blank, Blank, Blank!!! I couldn’t believe it, Poe was now down to 2 hull and there was not enough board to try to run away and boost again. This could have been the beginning of the end. The 2 remaining ties moved forward hunting down Poe who regened a shield and focussed up behind a rock. Asty white talon rolled behind the advanced and the stresshog followed them up the rear. 
Soontir moved into position to get shots at Poe. Both advanced lost all shields and Soontir couldn’t get a hit through on Poe, leaving him free to regen again next turn. Now Poe managed to block Soontir from getting an arc whilst the tempest turned away from battle. Over the next few turns, Poe was able to regen to full health using the green 1 straight and Soontir was not in position to get arc. The tempest died and finally the stresshog got through on Soonts. He then took a crit, stripping his stealth device and meaning all future damage was dealt face up. Next turn he took the final two hits and was blown to space dust, leaving my Squad undamaged and victorious!!!!

Win 100-0

I couldn’t believe I’d won it. 5 wins out of 5 and better than I ever could have expected going into the day. Ello was so much fun to play consistently getting into range 1 and putting on the hurt. Poe did not die the whole day and was a beast as usual. Finally my little y wing, after dying so horribly in the first game, only lost 3 more shields in the last 4 games. He chipped in with damage at important times and the stress was invaluable when needed. The seismic charges were a good little addition and were dropped in 3 out of 5 games doing damage.

I can’t wait to play this list again, perhaps even try it for the store championships.

Anthony Barrett

Monday, 18 January 2016

X-wing report from Kyle! Weekend Warlords 09/01/16

Hey all sorry this is a bit late but I have been rather busy, with sorting out events for other x wing events and gaming clubs. Ok so this week I was at Weekend Warlords in Loughborough, this was a 100pts dogfight with 75 min rounds
and 5 rounds as there was 18 players on the day. Before I get into what I took just like to say a big thanks to all the staff and players for making it a great day out, if your are ever in the area just pop in and have a look there
is always something on and always space for games.

Ok now after last week and the tie swarm (that did not work that well) I decided to take something different, so different it was a different faction completely so here is what I tock.

99 Points
47 points
Boba Fett Firespray-31
Veteran Instincts
K4 Security Droid
Engine Upgrade
13 points
Black Sun Soldier #1 Z-95 Headhunter
13 points
Black Sun Soldier #2 Z-95 Headhunter
13 points
Black Sun Soldier #3 Z-95 Headhunter
13 points
Black Sun Soldier #4 Z-95 Headhunter

So the idea for this list was because I was having such a bad time with my dice rolls, I wanted to try and make a list that gave me the best chance to get better dice rolls. I picked the scum boba as he is better then the imps one because he has that re roll ability for each enemy ship at range 1 of him, this meant that I had a good chance of getting hits on the targets that I picked and also help him last longer. This was the same reason why I took the K3 droid, it help with not just giving a free target lock but also meant that I could keep my focus for the defence if I needed it.

Game 1

100 Points
36 points
Poe Dameron T-70 X-Wing
Weapons Guidance
34 points
Kyle Katarn HWK-290
Twin Laser Turret
Recon Specialist
Moldy Crow
30 points
• “Blue Ace” T-70 X-Wing

This game started with both of use starting in opposing corners so it would be a few turns before any action, I set up my swarm in a block formation as this is how I like to fly them and it also means I can get all of them shooting at the same time. After a few turns of getting ships into position to attack Boba was a bit more forward then I would of liked which meant he got attacked buy the 2 x wings with some very good rolls from Ben, meant that I had lost all my shields and the first crit was 2 damage on Boba great start. So next turn Boba was at range 1 of the 2 x wings, even with Boba's re rolls (which were blank after blank) he ended up with only one hull left. The swarm was able to get rid of blue ace but the damage had already been done, then Kyle shoots with the tlt there goes Boba and Poe is not touched and also Kyle is full as well with a stack of focus tokens, So from here it is a struggle as I don't have enough fire power to deal with both ship. Because of this I sent the swarm after Kyle lucky I was able to get him with some range 1 attacks but before that I had lost a Z and another was on 1 hull, this helped with stopping Poe getting free focuses and also no tlt shoots as well. I manage to get Poe into hull but it cost me the rest of my Zs to do so.

loss 70 to 100

Game 2

99 Points
47 points
Bossk YV-666
Mangler” Cannon
Outlaw Tech
26 points
Syndicate Thug #1 Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
R4 Agromech
26 points
Syndicate Thug #2 Y-Wing
Twin Laser Turret
R4 Agromech

Yes that is 2 y wings with tlts great and some nice action economy with the R4 agromech, so the set up we both decided to face each other in a joust and just go at it. The reason why I did this was I have enough attacks to take out the Y wings if they come at me, and also I can take care of Bossk with all the ships I have and then just get behind him and stay there. With that in mind I just rushed Bossk the Y wings went off to stay at range 2 and 3 just so they can keep shooting there tlts. Bossk did 2 rounds were he shot a Z which lost only a shield then at Boba in the next turn who lost 2 shields. After that Bossk went down from Boba with 2 hits and 2 crits and because Boba was a hight ps meant that there was no shoots back from Bossk at range 1 which could of hurt, so now I went after the Y wing with every thing. The tlts were able to get Boba down to half points, there is not much you can do when 3 hit are being rolled all the time, but because my whole list was shooting first I was able to put damage on his before they could shoot back which gave me my first win.
win 100 to 24

Game 3

100 Points
32 points
Wedge Antilles X-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Integrated Astromech
33 points
Luke Skywalker X-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Integrated Astromech
35 points
Poe Dameron T-70 X-Wing
Veteran Instincts
Integrated Astromech

So we both set up in opposite corners of the map and start the long turn into each other from there, from this point my zs were trying to catch up with Boba who I was way to aggressive with, this meant that Boba got blocked by the x wings with all there weight of fire on him. He did mange to live with only a couple of hull points left but one of the crits was lower attack power (great new he shoots like a z) so i thought it was time for him to get out of there but the x wing were hot on my tail, I tried to use the zs as blockers which worked but with some amazing dice rolls Dan got 2 of them in one shoot. I was able to clear the crit from Boba the turn before but because I had not boosted he was close to the edge, the only move I could do was a hard left turn and he dose not make it yep he was off the board. So with what ships I had left I had lost as there was not much I could do with the zs, I will say I was lucky as I was able to get Luke off the board to get some points..

loss 100 to 35

Game 4

98 Points
37 points
Poe Dameron T-70 X-Wing
Push the Limit
Integrated Astromech
31 points
Tycho Celchu A-Wing
A-Wing Test Pilot
Chardaan Refit
Expert Handling
Push the Limit
30 points
Jake Farrell A-Wing
A-Wing Test Pilot
Push the Limit

Yay A wings another ship that does not get as much play as it should do. So again I set up in the corner with my swarm and Boba on the side of them, my opponent sets up the other side and I just start to think great now I get to spent 75 mins chasing A wings around. So for this one I was aggressive and went after them my goal was to first get Poe. So that was the game plan and this time it worked out for me I was able to get rid of Poe with in the first few turns, it helped that my opponent kept using the focus as he did have some very very bad rolls and one of the Zs finished him off. Next I turned to the A wings because the main threat had gone I just brought all of my ships down on them, using the Zs as blockers and then getting in close with Boba. This did take some time as A wings are just so fast, but I got lucky and was able to get Tcyho after Boba had striped his tokens the Zs were able to finish him off. Next I went after Jake and I am able to get him at range 1 of Boba and the Zs, then I was able to deal with him quickly, this was a interesting game but I was happy just to have a win.


Game 5

100 Points
20 points
Omega Squadron Pilot #1 TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay
20 points
Omega Squadron Pilot #2 TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay
20 points
Omega Squadron Pilot #3 TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay
20 points
Omega Squadron Pilot #4 TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay
20 points
Omega Squadron Pilot #5 TIE/fo Fighter
Comm Relay

5 tie/fos all with comm relay this was going to be a tough fight, for starters there all shooting before before my Zs and with the comm they can keep there evade. So again I set up in the comer this is so I can move in a nice formation and also lets me see where the enemy ships are going, Tom sets up in the middle and turns in swarm vs swarm. With 2 attacks each we could not do much to each other as we were both rolling well, I move Boba a bit ahead along with the Zs and we get a pile up in the middle. We both end up losing a couple of ships and Boba takes a lot as damage as well, I was able to get him out of the combat and keep my Zs as blockers. Boba start to take more damage and gets down to 1 hull left, even which his re rolls he was not doing great. I start to bring him back around, but Boba goes down quickly. So now its just swarm vs swarm we keep going all the way to the end of the game and there is only 2 ships left 1 Z and 1 tie both on 1 hull each, we both k turn and shoot 2 hits on my Z and 1 evade 1 blank and that's it game over.

loss 100 to 80

The last game was one of the best of the day great fun going against tie's even after my other report about them, so that was it I finished 9th

Great day against a great group of people I look forward to the next one, so that's it guys my second report done the next one will be from MK.

Till next time guys and remember the force will be with you always


Monday, 4 January 2016

Shadow Games, Rugby 2/1/16, Kyle

Shadow Games, Rugby 2/1/16

Hey all happy new year, this Is my first time doing this so please be nice. So on Saturday the 2nd of Jan I attended my first tournament of the year, It was held at shadow Games In Rugby.
For the event there was 11 of us In total which meant there would be no top 4 cut and only 4 rounds of Swiss, this also meant that one person would be on a bye each round.

So for the first one of the year what do I take to kick the year off with, a Tie Swarm with 6 ships here is what was in it.

100 Points Imps
19 points
• “Howlrunner” TIE Fighter
Veteran instincts
22 points
• “Omega Leader” TiE/fo Fighter
Veteran instincts
14 points
Black Squadron Pilot #1 TiE Fighter
14 points
Black Squadron Pilot #2 TiE Fighter
17 points
• “Epsilon Ace” TiE/fo Fighter
14 points
• “Wampa” TiE Fighter

So the list has some new stuff and old stuff as some of it was xmas presents and I wanted to give it a shot, so I came up with a high PS list. This was so that it could deal with other high PS lists and also TLT lists if they were any about, which there was one or 2 but also there was no 2 lists the same at the event.
Speaking of which lets get on to the first round, this saw me play Ian Russel who Is a regular at the Milton Keynes store, we have played one or two time I think, here is what I was up against.

Game 1 Ian Russel Imps

100 Points
32 points
• Darth Vader TiE Advanced
Accuracy Corrector
35 points
• Soontir Fel TiE interceptor
Royal Guard TiE
Push the Limit
Stealth Device
33 points
Bounty Hunter Firespray-31

So at the start of the game I thought great I am playing my old list, till I saw there was no palp mobile but a bounty hunter instead. The game started off well as I was able to get Vader down to one hull with the help of wampa. But after that it went down hill fast, because of the ruthlessness on Vader, Ian was able to hurt the other ships in my list. This was not helped that I was not able to roll green dice to save my life, also because Vader has accuracy Corrector there was always 2 hit even with a bad roll. because of this and some really good green dice from Ian and me from time to time this game ended in a loss

loss 100 - 0 not even half points for large ship

great game and a great opponent, just wish i had of had better dice but don't we all.

Game 2 Bye

For the next game I got the bye, so I thought I would have a look at some of the other lists that were about and also how ever one was getting on.

So the first list that I saw right off the back because you cant miss them, was the 3 k Wings, yes the same as the one that made top 8 In the worlds. I saw them flown live on the net but to see them flown In real life. A few of the other lists that I got to see where 2 B wings with 2 A wings with Tycho in one them, a falcon with Chewie escorted by Biggs and tarn and palp mobile with 2 Interceptors

After lunch It was time for game 3.
Game 3 a different Ian with Scum.

100 Points
36 points
• Guri StarViper
Veteran Instincts
Sensor Jammer
Inertial Dampeners
20 points
Cartel Marauder #1 Kihraxz Fighter
20 points
Cartel Marauder #2 Kihraxz Fighter
24 points
Syndicate Thug Y-Wing
Ion Cannon Turret
Unhinged Astromech

I set up as I normally do with my swarm as a group. Again I was not rolling well but 2 attacks against Guri were not enough as If I got one hit It would be changed to because of the sensor jammer, so I thought I would go after the other ships and win that way. This did not work as even thought the kihraxz fighters only have 2 defence dice with just 2 attacks, Its still not easy to take them out. I was only able to take out one ship from the list which gave me the second loss of the day.

loss 40-86

So now its time for the last game of the day which buy this point we were all feeling tired, me included as I had been up since 6am to get here. My opponent was Stephen Nolan who was a great laugh all the way through, It was just so much fun and also it was my second scum list with 2 large ships.

Game 4 Stephen Nolan with Scum

98 Points
53 points
• Boba Fett Fire spray-31
Push the Limit
Flechette Cannon
Recon Specialist
Engine Upgrade
45 points
• Bossk YV-666
“Mangler” Cannon
Engine Upgrade

All though this was a fun game it was a hard one as well, not much happened in the first few turns then Boba was all the way on my side of the table. However Bossk was far behind so I only had one ship to deal with, lucky for me Stephen had put Boba on a rock and at range 1 of all my guys. We both looked at each other and went yep he is gone no way he can survive this, how wrong we were all of the attack I got only rolled 2 hits even with he re roll from Howlrunner also he had used glitterstims as well. This meant that he had re rolls because of Boba ability and with me rolling nothing but 2 hits each time he lived, we were both surprised and because of that Boba lived and ran away. Buy that time Bossk had put him self in he way so I went after him instead because even with the way I was rolling I could do damage, so he went down but not before I lost my PS12 tie which was a shame as I really like him. After he went down I was able to focus fire on Boba and finally had some good rolls, and was able to come away with my first win.

Win 100 to 83

All In all It was a great day, the list that had won was a rebel Chewie with Biggs and Tarn, and the k wings came In second. I think that the first time in a long time this was one of the most diverse tournaments that I had ever been to, as there wasnt two lists alike.

Thanks for reading guys it has been fun doing this, the next event for me will be on Sunday the 10th of Jan but this time I will be taking something new. Ill let you all know how It goes In my next one, but for now may the force be with you all .