Thursday, 23 February 2012

Round 3 Campaign

So after two wins, third game was always going to be fun, so after finding out the mission was against me, it was a for gone conclusion, so objective in the middle, I can only have troops and heavy support on the field.
So yer he goes first,
turn one I had 15ish Necrons left out of 40, and so my turn one no reserves.. so that didnt go well,
so my my troops came in slowly, meaning he just picked them off all game, so turn 4 I gave up, with almost nothing left, while I hadnt even dented his army!
And on top of this is I did do well, his troops just come back on the field due to the mission rules!

So what would have I changed not much really,

So after three games what do I feel I should have added to me list or change?
Nothing, wish I never joined tbh, I am not enjoying the missions (even the ones I won) they all mostly two one sided.

So even after 2 wins and 1 lose, which is a good start, I am already thinking of dropping out due to getting annoyed with the missions.