Friday, 21 September 2012

Warhammer 40k, Eldar vs Wolves

So long time since I have played a 40k game! But last night I got my Eldar out (First time in over 3 years) for a 1.5k game vs Wolves!

Well only a quick post this one!

3 Objectives and neither of us hold either so we drew!
or so I thought intill now while I am writing this! We forgot about the secondary objectives! I killed warlock and had line breaker he had first blood...

So I would have won if we remembered that!

O well, so first game with Eldar in a long time, I now remember why I have some many jetbikes! 4 of them did well, so think of loads * Evil thoughts*
Pathfinders I found to be okay, didnt seem to kill that much.
Avatar rocks.. ripped through 3 squads and a rune priest!  Had 1 wound left after the game!

Overall though, I should have brought more Dire Avengers and took out my Warp spiders, (They did nothing and were the first blood kill)   Or learnt to place them better! I guess this game werent helped by my habbit of rolling 11's with my Farseers tests! And my dice rolling meaning I failed 7 4+ in a row!

O well good game though!

Might use Eldar again next time, but with Guard for a bit more numbers and firepower!