Sunday, 13 April 2014

40k More Games!

So got 2 more games in today at GW in thier campaign, the first game was against a Marine player.. nothing to write up here, never lost a model and well he never passed a save!

So I have 3 wins, but 2 wins allows you to go up to the next stage which is 500 points, so I found someone else who is also on 500 points and off we went!

He flooded the field with guardsmen, vets though and so had a lot of upgrades on them, I played 2 destroyers, a overlord and some immortals and warriors

Game ended with-

Both of us controlling a objective
Both slaying the warlord
But I got first blood!
So I win with 4 Warriors left on the field while he had 15ish vets, it was very close game, specially as my Immortals and Lord where cut down very early

But I bought my self some Tomb Blades and may use them next time I play, hopefully next week :)

Happy Gaming :)