Monday, 8 September 2014

MK: X-wing Epic event

So this is only going to be a quick blog, as I have been busy :(

So a 3 game day at MK, each game is 2 and a half hours at 300 points....
I went in and was tired before starting (Been in Nottingham day before) and by the end of it, I think everyone was asleep.

Moral is.. Epic is great, but not 3 in one go!

So my list was

8 Ties (including Howlrunner)
3 Bounty hunters with Heavy Laser cannons
Jonus, so them Lasers can re-roll!
and 2 shuttles!

Yep I played Imperials instead of Rebels for the first time ever at MK, thinking 300 points lets me try a lot of Imperials in one go! And it did... but I still prefer rebels

Game 1-
Mini swarm
Mini Bomber swarm
2 shuttles
Boba Fett

Game went all the way to time, I won by 266-133 (I think)
He gained the upper hand early on, by finishing 3 ships, while I hadnt killed any, but I couldnt get fire focuses on anything, but the damage on his side started to toll, as a lot of his ships only had 1/2 hull left, so over about 3 turns I was able to destroy, most of his fleet.
Game win

Game 2-
Cant remember, but basically everything that gives actions away... Kyle, Garvin, Dutch etc

So a big 300 point formation sitting in front of me, my Bounty hunters lined up with the Shuttles and Jonus to go head on, and the Ties to flank..

He shoots first( his entire fleet is basically above ps6)  Fails to kill anything.. I shoot back, kill Roark, and almost Blout, over the next couple of turns my Ties turned up, and by the end of it, I won, 300-60ish? I think, my bounty hunters cannons killing near enough anything they shoot!

So 2-0, somehow, and currently sitting first!

Final time

Game 3-
4-5 x-wings
1 Y-wing
4 Basic Z-95s

I take out 2 x-wings and all the z-95s within the first 2 turns, and after another turn he has near enough no support ships, except a rookie and Hobbie and the Tantive... but I could not get enough damage on that Tantive, and it murders.... well everything, 1 shot ties... 5 attack dice a time with main weapon!

So yes I lost, I went for support ships first to try and then focus on the Huge ship after, so mistake that was, should of gone straight for the Tantive, and dealt with support ships after, but by this point I was so shattered I was beyond paying attention. Good game though

So 2-1 and I will never play a epic event again, a epic game yes, as they are fun, but they dont work as well as a event.

Quite happy, finishing 4th out of 16 (I think) and got a cool R2D2 mug

First place went to the guy I lost to in game 3
Second place went to Matt, the guy I travel up with, so massive well done to him!
Third place went to the guy I beat in game 2

So overall very happy, and I am pleased to hear next event will return to a 100 point normal games!

Happy gaming :)