Saturday, 31 May 2014


So I have not posted anything since my Kill team event, I have no reason for this, so woops

Anyway so heres what I have been up to

I went back to Mk for a combat patrol event, I won 3, and lost 3, so not to bad, every player had a marine army of some sort, except me, I had Necrons. The winner was a Blood Angel player, good fun!

So what else, well 7th ed of 40k is here, and its looking good so far, well what I have seen of it.

My small force of Grey Knights is now fully painted and finished, the force includes
1 Inquisitor
5 Interceptors
10 Strike Marines
5 Terminators

Dont forget the force is mainly to be used as a ally, but can be fielded alone, I plan on having 3 of these small forces, (1 on each layer of my small GW carry case), and while there is some more slots for future Grey Knights, I am starting on level 2! Tau, now basically 12 Warriors, so two squads of 6, and then as many Crisis suits as will fit on the layer!

Now I have still not chosen on the 3rd layer yet!

So about it, hopefully I will have more to report soon!

Happy Gaming :)