Sunday, 6 April 2014

Warhammer 40k Necron Kill Team

So my Necrons came out for a walk today! For some 200 point kill team action, here was my list

7 Immortals
6 Warriors

So won my first game against a new player (Troy, yay :D)  He used the shops 10 Dark Angel Marines, so Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon and a Plasma Pistol.
With all the Plasma lying around I was quite worried, but in the end, I came out with only losing 1 Warrior!

Second game was vs Imperial Guard (Alex) he used 10 geared up storm troopers, now this game didnt take long, his weapons needing 5's to wound really caused him problems and again I lost just 1 Warrior (The same one again)

Last game I had time for was against Chaos
Now he had 5 Marines and as many Cultists as he could field, which meant I didnt have enough fire power to put them all down, but I had a good go. It came down to the wire and it was drawn at the end, I had 2 Immortals and 2 Warriors left, he had 1 Chaos Marine and 4-5 Cultists, so it was close and could of swung either way

But I am glad I have been able to get back into 40k now

I also picked up the Escalation book, which is now completely legal along side the normal rulebook, and apparently GW might start putting super Heavies into the new codex's in the future, so I might have to get myself a Necron super heavy! The only problem is, the other player bet of brought enough anti tank weapons! :)

Anyway happy gaming :)