Saturday, 26 April 2014

40K, Necrons out for the kill again!

Hello all :)

My Necrons kept up their advance today with two more wins on the Campaign, I wanted to get 500 point games in, but when I turned up, no one except was high enough, so started with a kill team game, and then a 500 point player did turn up.

First game- kill teams

I won and lost nothing, 3 wraiths and 5 deathmarks were nasty, he couldn't kill the wraiths while the death marks sat on the objective, so my 4th kill team score

Second game was against Marines, this was a 500 point level, he had a flyer, which fell to rapid firing warriors.. I played a Monolith in this game.. which properly was a bit mean, as he never was able to land a hit on it, and finding out the Monolith can fire at multiple targets, meant it just went around murdering marines and scouts, and a razorback 

Best part of this game was, I tried out Szeras, and he used his lance and instant killed a librarian in terminator armour.

Both good games, both easy wins tho, I am once again ahead of the campaign, maybe I have finally worked out how to use Necrons!
In other news, I am selling my Imperial Guard and have agreed a price and they will be gone soon, I will buy a 3rd army, but only a small army that can ally with both Necrons and Space Wolves, this army will mainly be used as a allied force and will not contain anything bigger then a terminator, as I play to fit it all in a small GW carrying case, which used to belong to my Imperial Guards HQs... yes just HQ!  So I will gain so much room in my wardrobe for well... more gaming stuff :D
Anyway, Happy Gaming to all :)