Sunday, 8 June 2014

X-wing, MK Wave 4 pre Release Event

So after my unreal success at the MK regional, I got myself booked in to the wave 4 pre release event/

I went in, to try out some of the new x-wings and upgrades etc, to see well.. how they fly!

My list was

Han solo

Wes Janson


So, once again I forget who I played against (except my rival Ryan) who once again I cant beat -.-
But anyway, here is a quick overall of my games! Also I have only just noticed, I only ever played against Imperials!

Game 1-
Royal Guard, PTL
Royal Guard, PTL
Academy pilot
Academy pilot
Academy pilot
Academy pilot

As the first game of the day, I never remember much, except killing off a interceptor early on, and hitting the other one with a reduce damage by 1, turning it into a expensive tie, as he was never able to get rid of it.
Good game, I think I lost both x-wings in the end, even though Tarn must of rolled 10+ evades in a row, when on 1 Hull left!
Game win

Game 2-
Against, Kyle
Kath, ion cannon, rebel captive
Academy pilot
Academy pilot
Academy pilot

This game I didnt lose a single ship, I focused on the Ties, once they were gone, I just used Wes to strip tokens off Kath and then Chewbacca to lay down the hurt, he admitted after his mistake was going after chewbacca not the X-wings, first, causing the result to finish 100-0,  (Only my second white was win, last one was quarter finals at regional)
Game Win

Game 3-
Against, Ryan (mwahaha)
Academy pilot
4 Bombers (Think they were the ps2, 16 point ones) Cant remember what the Imperial Scum call them!

So this game was difficult right off, Tarn died, then wes, then time was called! I killed 2 bombers, but there was to much Hull to chew through, just couldnt get enough damage dealt quick enough, good game though!  Also every time Ryan has borrowed ships off me, he wins the event......
Game lose

Game 4-
Bounty Hunter
2 Interceptors

This game was my favourite, as we both had a good laugh and a enjoyable game, His bounty hunter did enjoy landing on asteroids and his interceptors flew straight at all 3 of my ships, but a good laugh and a very enjoyable game!
Game Win

So 3-1, I was quite pleased at this, and then to find out there was 5 of us on 3-1!  But I was happy no mater where I finished, then I was told I was playing Ryan in the final! Rematch mark 2!
I choose Rebels as well I only ever fly Rebels!

Game errr went badly for me, some bad flying etc, but I got a E-wing to take home, (Would of been my first choice anyway)  And we had a good game, but I still cant beat Ryan -.-
 Here is the video for the final, Thanks for Scott to recording it :)

I am the left player, and Ryan is the right :)

Here are some Pictures from the day, more to come later

Game 1, My set up

Game 1, getting into position to deal with interceptors 

Game 1, About mid game, the the ships left

I had pictures from the other games, but my phone is playing up, first drop box, then phone, so I am not destined to get photos on here!

Anyway that is all from me again :)