Sunday, 17 August 2014

40k MK event, Tank battle!

So long time since much has gone on, but anyway! Here is a quick post about a event I went to yesterday!

So you are only allowed tanks, heavy support choices are also troop choices, and all tanks hold objectives (including walkers etc)
You can have only have infantry if they start inside a transport.
I used the Old Space Wolf Codex

My list-

Land Raider
Land Raider, Long Fangs, 5 missile launchers
Predator, with lots of Lascannons
Dreadnought, Multi-melta
Dreadnought, lascannon
Dreadnought, lascannon, missile launcher

Game 1 vs Guard

So a squadron of Vanquishers, point and destroy what they like.. I took down 3 battle tanks, but armour 14 on the front everywhere, proved to difficult
Game lost, Got thrashed

Game 2 vs Marines

Now in this game, we both killed 2 bits of armour each, which shows how tough tanks are becoming, he won by 49-33 points, so it was quite close, if my dreadnought was 1 inch closer the score would of been, 43-39 to me, but it wasnt, this must of been the best and closest game of the day!
Game lose, very close

Game 3 vs Guard

So he has tank destroyers, bane wolfs and a land raider, could be fun
Well He has 1 destroyer left at the end of the game, I held all 5 objectives and had only lost a land raider, Bjorn being man of the match, for punching a land raider to nothing and then assault cannoning a banewolf.. into nothing!
Game win, Complete control

Game 4 vs Dark Angels

I cant remember the in and outs of his list, but something list, but something like, 3 dreds, 7 preds and a land raider... everything got lascannons... o no..
Well I go first... unleash everything, (close deployment) and I take out 2 preds, 1 dred, and then my vindicators take out the weapons on 2 more preds... so return fire was minimal, by the end of the game, I had lost Bjorn, and he had lost everything... it was a tank graveyard! Score finished 69-9 to me
Game win, Complete control

So 2 wins, 2 loses, which is always good and a middle of the group finish, with Dark Elder first, and Space Marines 2nd and 3rd

As with 40k, I go to have fun, and I have no chance in keeping up with the power gamers, and the money they spend on a weekly bases, but I did treat myself to the New Space wolf codex, which is awesome for tanks... and a StormFang Gunship.. which after finally seeing one today, it does look awesome!

Anyway :)

Happy Gaming