Saturday, 29 March 2014

Star wars LCG MK Store Championship Results!

So here is the results from todays store championships I went to :)

Due to me not taking notes, I may have gotten some of the games mixed up, but here is a good idea of the day. :)

My goal at the beginning of the day was top 4, so I could receive a gaming mat, so here we go-

Game 1 vs Kyle

His darkside deck didnt kick off very well, and very quickly, Luke, the Falcon made very quick work of the objectives early
Darkside dial at 5, lightside, 3 objectives (win)

So now my darkside decks turn, I am happier with my darkside then lightside, but he is a good player, so I had to be careful. I quickly got the force and kept it all game, and destroyed 2 objectives to his 0, so I won! YAY!
Darkside dial at 12(win), lightside,0 objectives

so 8 points on my first game! WOO

Game 2 vs Ryan

Right so me and Ryan have a bit of history, him and his brother both beat me at x-wing, and I am also part of their championship team for x-wing. I wanted to beat Ryan at something! So here goes nothing!

I went lightside again first and well, won very quickly, he just couldnt stop super friends in the form of Han etc
Darkside dial 6, lightside, 3 objectives (win)

Then came my darkside, and this game was unbelievable, it came down to a turn, he was so close to winning, but where he couldnt get the last damages placed, he left himself open for me to walk in and finish the game!
Darkside dail 12(win), lightside, 2 objectives

Game 3 vs Anton

Right so here goes I am 1st at this point, but after this game, the whole lot gets cut to 4 players (semi-final) so I know I am through at this stage, so this game was just that.. a game with nothing to lose..... lucky for me in the end

Both games he thrashed me! So quick and nothing happened, so no need to write anything else here!

So at the cut we have
Callum-14(i think)
All other players are dropped at this point

So its me vs Callum and Ryan and Anton play each other in the semi-finals, then we find out that Ryans deck is illegal, so Anton goes straight into the final, dam I have already lost to him! Anyway I got to get past Callum next in my semi final!

Game 4 (Semi-final) vs Callum

So I end up playing darkside first, this game proved to be close but I scrapped the dial to 12, but I had 2 objectives with little life left on each! So it could of gone either way!
Darkside dial at 12(win), Lightside, 1 objective

so my lightsides turn, I know I have to destroy 2 objectives and then even if I lose, I still go to the final on a modified win, so I went straight out knowing what I needed, I quickly destroyed 1 objective, which helped, I then to get a second, I had to chuck everything at one, and only just got it! woo, he did win this game though
Darkside dial at 12(win) Lightside, 2 objectives

So well I wanted a playmatt, and now I am in the FINAL! I couldn't believe it, but it was against Anton, and I got thrashed once!

Game 5(Final) vs Anton

So I played Darkside first and well got Vader and his saber out earlier, but Anton had damaged my objectives hard and quickly, so from there I used Vader to hit his objective and use as many cheap blockers as possible, it was close, but he made a mistake last turn, and I won! Just mind you, but I did!
Darkside dial at 12(win), Lightside, 2 objectives

Right so at this point, to win I need to win my game or lose, but only let him destroy 2 objectives, (My darkside had destroyed 3) But he destroyed 4 in our earlier game, so I wasnt 100% confident.

My Lightside got a good start, with Falcon and then Han Solo, hitting 2 objectives hard, I had destroyed 1 objective, he had destroyed 1 to, it was close, and then he graps another objective which puts the deathstar dial to 10!, wait so if I destroy 1 more objective to get 2 objectives, I win, because on his turn (if I dont take the force), he wins, but he wont get another turn to destroy a objective! So I push everything I had to destroy one of his objectives... and it worked... his turn dial went to 12, but he only destroyed 2 objectives not 3 (to draw, and force a 3rd game) or 4 to win!!
Darkside dial at 12 (win), Lightside, 2 objectives

So I won, I sat there in near shock, I am still new to this game, but I won!  I wanted a game mat, but I come out with a plaque, a game box of my choosing (I choose boba) Anton got the other one, 2 promo copies of Han Solo and a bye in a regional!

So that is my day, it was a surprising one, but I finally won something!

Here are my prizes
Happy gaming :)

Store Champion Plaque

Certificate, also gives me a bye at a regional of my chosing

Card box, not that exciting but it will find a use I am sure

And the top 3 (or 4 if TO gives his up) play mat, this is what I wanted, and I got one, I am well chuffed with it :)