Monday, 25 August 2014

New 7th ed Space Wolf Codex

So after 3 games with the new Space Wolfs this weekend, here is what I think of the new codex-

So HQ first

Wolf Lord/Wolf Guard Battle leader- Still a solid choice, good relics now to help out

Ragnar Blackmane- nice solid HQ choice now, still dies to powerfists and anything that can instant kill him, die to no eternal warrior

Harald Deathwolf/ Canis Wolfborn- Havnt tried these yet, but not to bothered by them!

Rune Priests- as always awesome! Now only 60 points?? yep I will take at least 2 most games

Njal Stormcaller- Just take 3 rune priests for the same cost, still a solid choice though, but no weather changing fun now

Wolf Priest/ Ulrik the slayer- Never use Priests of any kind

Bjorn- Awesome! Better and cheaper then last codex.. I take him near enough every game

Moving on to the troops-

Blood claws- Now cheaper, so finally worth taking! Silly attacks on the charge is just fun

Grey Hunters- Still a solid Troop choice, a bit more expensive now if you want the CC weapons and special weapons

So Elites-

Scouts/Lone Wolfs/Arjac- Havnt used yet

Drednoughts- Still awesome, and cheaper then old codex

Murderfang- well.... 9 possible attacks on the charge.. anything else need to be said?

Wolf Guard- As always a solid choice, no more splitting squads up to lead units now.

Zooming on to the fast attack-

SwiftClaws/Rhino/Razorbacks/Drop Pods/Land Speeders/Skyclaws/Fenrisian Wolfs- not much change

Storm Wolf- Havnt used, but looks a fun flying assault transport

Thunderwolfs- Now cheaper and still as awesome, I reckon I will use these a lot more often now, 10 points cheaper a model soon builds up!

Heavy Support-

Most things have stayed the same, except some tanks had a small point deduction


Long Fangs- Still awesome but now more expensive, missile launchers go up by 5 points each.. so my 15 missile launchers may get dropped to 10

Stormfang- I used this once and well.... it turned up... destroyed a Hammerhead... next turn destroyed a flyer... it really is a flying brick being 12 armour all the way round, and packs a massive punch!

So that is about it :)
I havnt used Logan Grimnar, and I guess I will never get the chance, as most people will not play against Lord of wars.... well he isnt a titan but o well!