Saturday, 20 September 2014

Mk Warmachine Event

Thats right... warmachine...

I had very little idea how to play but I have loads in storage, so I got it out and off I went!

3 games, I lost all 3, finishing second from bottom, but I feel I was learning something each game, I even went on and won a friendly game afterwards.
So quick run down

I played Menoth, and here shall be the list!


Game 1 lost 5-3 on control points against legion

Game 2 0-0 but lost by caster kill

Game 3 2-1 (I think) to me, but lost my caster kill

So overall 5 control points in total saved me from bottem, but good fun

List run down-

-pkreoss, feat not brilliant as most things seemed inmune to knock down, so something else next time

-Crusader... awesome when loaded up with focus

-Redeemer, but hit and miss, will try something else next time

-Choir... yep beefing jacks up is nice

-Deliverers, terrible cant hit a brick wall..

-Cinerators, they are okay, but I been told bastions are better, because bastions can spread damage

-Vassal, will use 2 next time

-Errants, awesome, will use UA next time I reckon to increase how dangerous they are

So only a quick run down :)