Monday, 5 May 2014

40k: MK Kill teams

So today I played in a kill team event at MK.
This is only a quick run down, as I forgot to take pictures or write down lists :(

My list was-
10 Hunters, 1 Flamer, 1 Plasma Gun, 1 Plasma Pistol, 1 Rhino, 200 on the dot

Game 1-
Against, Tzeentch marines

This game involved me hiding in the rhino, as he would be unable to break it without his powers, but second turn his psyker, killed itself meaning, I just picked the marines off one by one

Game 2-
Tau, 3 battlesuits, 4 pathfinders

This game involved his suits dodging out of cover, killing everything, running back to cover.. and then I failed my break test quite quickly

Game 3-
Eldar, 5 wraithguards

First turn I took out the only model that had a weapon above str 5, meaning once again I hide inside my rhino, and the Hunter with the plasma pistol, took out 3 wraith guards, while the plasma gunner blow himself up!

Game 4-
Imperial Guard, 10 vets, 1 chimera

In the first couple of times, I took out the chimera with bolter fire, and then just sent my hunters out, to take down any guardsmen they could find, to be fair the other player had some terrible cover save rolls.

Game 5-
Daemons, not entirely sure what he had

He wiped me out by turn 2, ap2 flamers and str 9 weapons, I did kill a model though lol

Game 6-
Elder, 10 Warp spiders

So turn 1 he pinned near enough all my marines when the rhino exploded, and from there he just popped 1 marine by marine, my last standing marine turned around and killed two specialists in close combat, but then I failed a break test

Game 7-
Marines, 5 stern-guard, rhino

This was very quick, turn 1 I blow up his rhino with a plasma gun, he then lost a marine in the explosion, he quickly starting murdering my marines though, but once he lost 1 more marine, he failed his break test and fled

So 4 wins and 3 loses, and was a very good fun event :)

Also the daemons won the event, by the sounds of it, he wiped most people in 2-3 turns.

Anyway Happy gaming :)