Saturday, 1 March 2014

X-wing, MK store championship results

So first of all, well done to Ryan (I claim I half half of his list was borrowed off me)   well done tho!

Anyway, I dont know where I finished yet, mid tableish. But here is the day anyway-

My list
Chewbacca, PTL, Title, Concussion Missile
Blue, adv sensor x2

Game 1 against Kyle
He played with the list that is all over the internet, which is
2x dagger, adv sensor

Cut it short, I was wiped out quickly, only managing to kill biggs and time I had done that I had nothing left, he finished 3rd in the end, and is a good player

Game 2 against Ed
Now Ed is Ryan's brother and all three of us are part of a championship team, good game.
His list-
3x Red pilots

this came down to 2 hull left on chewbacca and 2 left on Wedge, as you can image.. Wedge got into range 1 and shoots first! Bye bye my Falcon!

Game 3 against John
He used
Hwk, ion turret
Blue, adv sensor
Blue, Ion cannon

This game was annoying... I took out Wedge and the adv sensor blue easy, but at the same time he took out both of my b-wings, and from that point he kept ioning chewbacca... and yep no actions for me etc and I just couldnt shake the stress, missed with the Hwk rolling double evade almost every time... lost again!

Game 4 vs Matt H
He used
Kath Scarlet, Deadeye, Assault missiles, Seismic Charge, Recon spec
3 Ties (two were named)

Interesting game, I took out the firespray without taking much punishment, in total he just about killed both of my b-wings, but I had a near enough untouched falcon, yay my first win!

Game 5 vs Andrew
His list
Major Rhymer with 2x adv proton, ptl
3 Ties (Ps3 and Ps4 ones)

Interesting game, he took my b-wings out with them near enough doing nothing (I made a big mistake with my movement) but while this was going on, chewbacca was in annoying mood (well for Andrew) he one hit Howlrunner... then the PS4 tie... then took out the other two ties before major Rhymer got back into the fight, at this point he has no Protons left... so a full health (near enough) falcon vs basically a normal bomber at this point... yep Falcon won me that one!

So 2 wins and 3 loses, and a mid table finish (I will confirm my finishing spot when results go up)

Good day. Here is what I learnt

-4 Rebel ships are so much better then 3... even if one is a Falcon
-Pilot Skill isnt everything
-B-wings with adv sensors require to much thinking and positioning to get the most out of them

So the regional finals are next! I will most likely fly rebels again, and I reckon I will try out my list at the end of March when my LGS hold their x-wing event, this will give me some practice flying it, will have 4 ships though.

Here are a few pictures from the day, I didnt get many though as I forgot

Happy Gaming :)

Game 2 vs Ed

Game 4 vs Matt H

Game 4 vs Matt H, Kath in the Firespray and Chewbacca in the Falcon,
eye each other up, with Chewbacca coming out as the winner

Game 4 vs Matt H, Kath about to die aswell as a tie fighter...
B-wings dont last much longer mind you

The Card on the left is the store championship card everyone gets
The card on the right is the prize for the bottom 12 players
(20 players in total)  Yay cards though :D Any prize is still a prize!