Sunday, 16 March 2014

Star wars LCG: Got some games

Yay, so today, I got 8 games of the Star wars LCG in, lost 5 and won 3, but a very good afternoon of gaming.

My DS main deck (Imperial Navy) won its only game, and my LS main deck (Smuggles and Spies) won two games, but my other 5 random decks all lost (guess it was to be expected)

I am now changing my main DS deck  though, as I really need some control, yes its all fun having unlimited resources to spend and loads of star destroyers etc, but it really needs some control, it only just won against a very good deck mind.

It was all great fun and good practice against a really good opponent, and to be fair I think near enough all 8 games were close, but then that's the game, hopefully get some more games in next week, its shame there is not more players, just us two, plus one other, the the other player gets bored to easily and doesn't play anything for long (unless it is the cursed magic!)

I am also looking forward to playing in MK for this game, so I will have two games to play up there, yay for more players to play against. Also helps that in my x-wing championship team, both of my team mates also play this star wars LCG, which sort of convinced me to get into it :)

Anyway happy gaming everyone.
As normal here are some pictures, again related to this game.

One of the Imperial Navy capital ships
Chewbacca for the smugglers deck