Sunday, 9 November 2014

MK, Friendly X-wing

So after Rushden yesterday, I got informed of some friendly x-wing going on today at MK, so down I went, with the goal to try some more stuff out!

Game 1-
So A-wing testing with a E-wing

Corran, R2D2, Marksmenship, FCS
Farrell, PTL, VI, Refit, Test Pilot
Tycho, PTL, VI, Refit, Test Pilot



So I got battered, and lost 100-50, taking out a Rookie and Wes, most of the damage came from Corran, and my dislike for A-wings hasnt changed, as they got shot out the sky to easily, as a aggressive player, I dont think A-wings are for my personal style of play.

Game 2-
I have never done very well with z-95's, so I thought lets try a mini swarm and give it another go.

Hobbie, R3A2
4x Bandits


Prototype Pilot, refit
Ethan, sensorm R2, engine

So I won this 100-0, hobbie was on 1 Hull left, but forcing range 3 shots on Biggs instead of the z-95's really helped me win this one, still not 100% on the z's, so I thought I would give it another go.

Game 3
So same list for me!

Hobbie, R3A2
4x Bandits


Farlander, HLC, adv sensor, ptl, kyle
Farrel, ptl, test pilot, deadeye, Cluster missiles
Gemmer, VI, test pilot, refit

So again I won 100-0, and murdered Farlander very quickly, and Farrel went down quickly to, this game I was running the Z's as blockers, and it worked, by Gemmer was a nightmare to kill, all those extra evade dice.. but fell in the end.

So I starting to like that mini swarm list, but I am still not convinced.. so I loaded it up onto Vassal, and we shall see how it goes, when I get chance to play