Thursday, 27 March 2014

Busy Busy

So I have been quite busy, so that is why the lack of updates, so here is my last two weeks-

Last sunday played some star wars lcg, won 5-1 (I think) good games, some became a bit one sided, but still good games, I also played another game (forgot its name), involved dice monsters, and rather enjoyed it, a quick fun casual game, nice and relaxing!

So thats about it, I am once again in MK this Saturday but this time for Star wars LCG store championship! So I have been practising on line some of my decks to allow me to prepare, so hopefully I won't lose all my games.

Well thats about it, I will report back after MK Saturday to let you all know my results.

Happy gaming :)

And here is a random picture, of star wars things! :)