Sunday, 31 August 2014

Nasa x-wing league Day!

So I got 6 games in towards the Nasa x-wing league!
Here is a quick run down,
You play each other twice, once as Rebels(home) and then as Imperials (away)
So quick run down

Game 1,
My 3 Hwk list, vs mini swarm with sontir
And I won, only lost Roark, and picked off a tie a turn, (starting with Howlrunner)
At one point Kyle had 17+ focus tokens! Always fun

Game 2
My Imperials (2 Delta pilots, 1 bounty hunter with HLC) vs Han + 2 x-wings

First turn... 4 hits on a x-wing, he didnt roll 1 evade....
Turn 2, dead x-wing
Turn 3, another dead x-wing
Turn 5, dead Falcon

Sums it up really!
Solid win.

Game 3
My Imperials vs Wedge, Ten numb and Kyle

Now it came down to Kyle vs a damaged defender, in the end, his Kyle won out, close game though!

Game 4
My rebels (2 Green pilots, ptl, concussion and Corran Horn beefed up) vs 4 interceptors

This game was quite funny, first round of shooting saw 2 interceptors go down and 1 A-wing!
From here 1 interceptors chased after the A-wing for a few turns, before killing it, but Corran Horn, went on a murdering spree, and won me the game, I am really liking Corran Horn now..

Game 5
My rebels (2 Green pilots, ptl, concussion and Corran Horn beefed up)  vs 3 Interceptors and a shuttle
Basically after the shuttle was out of the game (flew past me) my A-wings and Corran took out the 3 Interceptors and then chased after the shuttle, I did lose 1 A-wing to Darth Vader who was on the shuttle though!

Game 6
My Imperials, vs Chewbacca, Biggs, Y-wing
This game came down to a 1 hull chewbacca vs a 1 Hull defender, but he got stuck on a asteroid, so my defender was able to finish him, this game was close all the way through, and was a great game, could of swung either way!

So anyway that was a very quick run down off my first 6 league games, 5- wins and 1 lose.
I will post up the table when it has been updated

Happy gaming

And to prove I played 3 Hwks, here is a picture!