Sunday, 9 March 2014

New game: Star wars LCG

So I have picked up a new game (for a good price) after one game, as I got well into the system

So after playing a few more games today of the game, which is the Star Wars LCG, I am still very excited with this game, being into star wars helps as well!

This and x-wing mini's have to be two of the best games I play currently, both being based on Star wars meaning a very big universe to base the games as well as plenty of options to do.

I wont write much about this game, except the edge mechanics and the force balance are small parts of the game, but they all help build one good game, if you ask me FFG have got this game spot on, anyway only a quick blog post, sorry I have not been more active lately.

So here are some pictures to leave you with, today they are going to be based on this game.