Monday, 28 April 2014

40k: Grey Knights! And Finished Monolith

Yes the title is in correct! I am starting a Grey Knight army, this will only be a small army to use with my Space Wolves and my Necrons, it will consist of all infantry models, so mainly just marines!

Anyway heres my first purchase

3 Boxes of Grey Knight Marines and 1 Box of Grey Knight terminators, also not pictured Grey Knight codex

So as this new army starts, I splashed a bit more then I planned, I was only going to get two boxes for now, but o well, 4 boxes it is!

Anyway in other news..

My Necron Monolith completely finished, including the added green plastic :)

Anyway that is all for now, I am painting up a Grey Knight as a test and hope to have him done soon, will post pictures when he is done!

Also this weekend I am in MK again this time for two different events-
Saturday 3rd of May, X-wing Regional Finals
Monday 5th of May, 40k kill teams!

Now for the x-wing I think I will use this list-

Chewbacca, Draw thier fire
Jan Ors, Squad Leader, Ion Turret

Fun list that can put out some hurt with Ors and Chewbacca combining.

As for the 40k event, I have not lost a single game of Kill teams at Game Workshop since the latest campaign as started, so I might play with my current list which is-
3 Wraiths
5 Deathmarks

But I may not! I have not fully decided yet.

Anyway, Thanks for reading and happy gaming :)