Sunday, 24 November 2013

First x-wing imperial win :)

So my first win with imperials today, here is my list

Colonel Jenson
Darth Vader

Captain jonus
Seismic charges
Cluster missiles
Proton torpedoes

Major rhymer
Seismic charges
Cluster missiles
Proton torpedoes

Friends list, he took no upgrades

Basic a-wing

Luke Skywalker



Basically I was able to get all missiles and bombs off except one seismic!
Darth Vader got a direct on the a-wing one hitting it and the missiles and torpedoes took all the x-wings down to 4 hull in total
Then 1 seismic took out two x-wings while wounding my shuttle (o well)

But then the shuttle shot the last one at range 1 and whatever he rolled, he would be dying.

But good game with even dice rolls for both sides
He was unlucky early on when darth Vader did crit wedge and made him lose his pilot ability, that made a big difference.

But overall I didn't crash once for the first time ever while he did crash a lot! But we didn't have any obstacles which may have helped both of us.

So quite happy with the result, specially as I am starting to get better at moving ships and keeping in formation, nice to see a strategy work out perfectly, anyway that is all for today.

Happy gaming :)