Saturday, 19 January 2013

Imperial Guard! New stuff :D

So lots of money spent in the last few weeks!

So here is whats new!
10 Storm Troopers, + 2 special weapon storm troopers (1 Plasma gun, 1 melta gun)

Planning to make a manticore with this :)

10 penal legion models :)   (Used the chaos cultist models)

10 more guardsmen! As you can never have enough, I want to get loads of the snap fit guardsmen :)

Forgeworld Hydra tank! Yes I wanted it! I will control the sky :)

Last and not least! I went into the old games shop to pick up some old paints! And I got all of this :O
50-60 paints, crafting saw, loads of PVA glue and some squad bases for £25!
Not bad :D