Sunday, 29 December 2013

Xmas Update

Hello All!

So I reckon this maybe the last update of this year, so I thought I would just say hi to everyone again!

So in my gaming cupboard lately a theme has been around star wars (Thanks to the x-wing mini game)
And my girlfriend noticed this, so look what  she got her parents to buy me-

Yep a lego x-wing, I reckon I might get my favourite ship next.. the A-wing and of course.. in lego! 

More importantly my Spaces wolveswho are already above 13k in points got a some reinforcments-

15 wolves and 6 thunder wolves :)

Overall xmas wasnt very game related this year, as my gaming time has died down, but I am going into Cambridge Monday and might find out what is on up there at the weekends.

Hope everyone got some nice gaming bits for christmas :)

And have a good new year :)

Cya next year, unless inspiration strikes and I post before then :)