Sunday, 7 April 2013

The fall of Tau

So my gaurd felll asleep so out came my dark mechanicus (using chaos codex)

Its my first game using them and well I won! Close game, the mission was 'Wave assault'  and he was the attacker! (seemed the wrong way round to me)

but highlights of the game were-

Ripside vs maulerfriend in combat! the ripsides last wound, was when he blow himself up trying to go super charged!Only for the hammerhead to turn around and send my maulerfriend back to the warp.

Another funny moment was when my geared up warp smith killed 3 broadsides in one go.. it was funny as it just walked in and everything hit and wounded (as well as the extra attacks it gets)

Overall, Tau seem to be more medium range now, but they also need to keep moving! (which 6th lets them do nicely)

Could be a good game, once a few people have played using them a bit!