Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bored of 40k

Yes 40k is boring me!

I love my necrons and dont plan to stop playing, but for now the current campaign is on I am using Guard (and I am bored of them) but I no longer see a point of playing.

I love playing competitively, but only if I am having fun as well, but we seem to have 1-2 players who now seem to win every game, and it looks like they will dominate the 40k leagues from now on, which does make it boring for a lot of us.  I few people have said the same thing and I think next time round it would be a good idea to have 2 leagues again. I have never been this de-motivated to play since I started the game.

I love 6th and imo its the best edition I have played in, I love the new necrons etc but the only 'fun games' I have had lately have been against my brother and against Marks Nids (which I lost) but they have been fun games.

Lets see what the future holds, but I am starting to head back over to warmachine and magic a lot more then I used to.