Thursday, 24 January 2013

Imperial Guard vs new Dark Angels!

So first off, my first campaign game (which I drew) is to be replayed, few mistakes on both of our parts (both still havnt played many 6th ed games) So lets see how that goes!

So today a friendly game vs dark angel, 1750 points 5 objectives, with heavy supports able to claim them!

Game finished
2-1 objectives to me
First blood- him
Line Breaker- me
Slay the warlord - me

4-2 final score, I had most of my army left though, he had a few marines, so one more turn it might have been over!
It started really close, but after turn 3 the amount of shoots took their toll and his army fell apart  (His bikers literally fell apart)
Also the first game I have ever used orders.. and wow they are game changers! Normally I run Yarrick and vets, but orders are now going to be in every list :D
So the good and bad-

Bought Creed to use today and wow him and his orders just game changing, four a turn is awesome

Guardsmen as much as about 70 guardsmen with lasguns, melta and plasma can do,  they died.. there was always plenty more! So many shoots nothing could stand in front of them!

Executioner- Never stopped its plamsa goodness! 5 plasma cannons took out 10 marines, 6 terminators and a special character.. and that was just over 2 turns!

Manticore- as much as people hate these, its range and strength 10 really came in handy!

Storm troopers had a good game taking on marines with ap3 guns, and meltas and plasmas of course!

Nothing, all seemed to work perfectly the list flowed well and worked well as a whole :)

Campaign next week :) Dont know who I got though, will look later!