Friday, 6 September 2013

Hate nids...

So another lose to Nids last night!
It was a bit different to normal tho..

The mission meant I could not win straight away, I was not set up to attack and he had 9 points of objectives I had 6, so I was not going to do well..

But if the game continued a 3-5 turns lol, I reckon I would of taken the army down, I had the more stronger remains in my opinion, only losing 11 marines, 3 long fangs, 3 terminators and a lone wolf, while he had lost a hive tyrant, tyrgon prime,l massive unit of hormaguarts and a bucket load of termagants.
 So he won because of the mission, but left on the field was-

His army-
2 zoanthropes
3 Hive Guard
15 Termaguards
and a dried up Tervigon

While I still had
1 wolf guard battle leader, geared up
1 lone wolf, geared up
20 marines
a full squad of long fangs and a half squad
1 rune priest
and 2 battle cannon weapon batteries.

But overall the game wasnt that enjoyable due to the mission, straight away ruin the game in my opinion.

O well, 2.5k game against dark eldar next week, lets see how that goes!