Saturday, 19 October 2013

Forward the Space Craft! (x-wing)

So x-wing! A game which I have started to enjoy a lot! only played 3 games so far, but still its a good game!

A game where it is balanced!  And even when I have lost I have still had a enjoyable game! So why is this game so enjoyable? Why has this game been picked up by more gamers then the makers predicted?

The balance is what does it for me, I have played so many gaming system and have always seen unbalance everywhere, but in this game, there is very little to unbalance it. but it comes down to your skill to move your ships around (I am not very good at this yet.... I keep crashing -.- )

Yes and its based on Star Wars, the Rebels vs the Imperial, which also makes it that bit more fun, based on something most people know about, has made it even easier to pick up for me, as there is little to no background needed for this game! As we all know about star wars!!

Anyway, just a quick post :)