Friday, 18 January 2013

Imperial Guard vs Chaos 1750

So my second game vs the new chaos! Once again campaign game and this time kill points!

It started really close, but he only had 2 squads of terminators, 3 squads of marines and a  couple of other bits!

But he walked his terminators forward into a gun line!
So didnt end well..

He first squad never saw combat, taken out my 3 russes and 30 guardsmen, the other terminator squad was at half strength when it charged my other 30 man squad but this squad had yarrick and after 3 turns of combat and 10-15 guardsmen dead, I beat them down!

So So my storm troopers finished off some marines and my long ranged weapons killed some aswell!

Game finished at-

5-1 units destroyed to me
I also got
First Blood
Slay the Warlord
Line Breaker

So a 8-1 victory to me :)

Next week a friendly against the new dark angels :D