Sunday, 15 September 2013

Space Wolves 14 company!

Name- Canis Born (14th company)

So my Wolves are becoming a new company in the Space Wolves Chapter, the idea is basically this-

The Space Wolves have been playing with the Gene seed to try and make a stable successor chapter, so after 13th company went wrong, they now have come up with what they believe a more stable gene seed, and so the 14th company is born!
The great wolf himself has decided to have Space Wolves from the other companies to follow the 14th company on all missions, so they can keep a eye on them and make sure they fight as Russ intended!

So the Canis born, were well born!
They have been kept a secret to now, as the Great Wolf finally believes it is time to let them lose!!

The Inquisition have sent a small squad of grey knights to keep a close eye on the 14th company. (Grey Knights will be used as wolf guard with power weapon and storm bolter for the game I use them)

For Russ!