Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Midas Campaign

So who are my regiment  And why are they fighting in the Midas crusade? (Midas crusade is our campaign )

Sector Name-Fogtic
Amount of planets in sector-3
Capital planet-Fogtic
Other Planets-Finion, Neck
Standing army-4 Imperial Guard regiment
Colours- Grey and Black
Other notes- Sector under protection of Space Wolves, sector is known for low clouds and heavy mist. The uniform used by the Guard allows for camo in these condition
Reason for fighting in the Midas Crusade- Called upon to work alongside the Space Wolves. Currently operate outside of Warmasters Xerxes command and currently under command of the Space Wolves.
Army deployed- 3 full regiments, including Aircraft, Tanks and Transports
Crusade goal- To destroy all signs of chaos and help the Space Wolves hunt down Thousand Sons, which are believed to be hiding in the Midas sector.