Tuesday, 9 July 2013


So for the Tale of some Random gamers (not the real title)
I have chosen Orks, why have I? well lets have a look

-Always wanted to do them!
-Never had the money

About it really, and with this whole thing, going up by 250 each month (start at 500) it allows me to build my green tide slowly, so money wont become a problem!

I have also decided to make the entire army out of plastic only! Means I lose a few options, but lets see how it goes!

So far i have bought the codex and 2 boxes of Ork boyz, as well as 5 storm boyz,

Havnt started painting yet, about to do that today :)

Here is some pictures!

10 boyz and a nob

my 5 storm boyz, awesome models!