Monday, 4 November 2013

Update on x-wing collection

So now after ebaying stuff, got me more then I thought, using just the ebay money I have near enough got plenty of x-wing

Here is my collection (when everything turns up etc)

3 Starters (dont ask why, one came in a bundle with wave 1 ships etc for good price, I wanted the ships, and it was a good price for the ships alone, just a bonus to have a 3rd starter

1 x-wing box
1 tie fighter box
1 y-wing box
1 Tie advanced box

1 Millennium falcon
1 Slave 1
3 A-wings
3 Tie Interceptors

1 Hwk-290
1 Lamba Class Shuttle
2 B-wing
2 Tie Bomber

And that is all :)

Happy Gaming :)