Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Update on everything!

So quick update on my gaming then!

So I have been given a 3000 point daemon army for fantasy... last time I played fantasy I had dwarfs, so least I get to try some magic again, still split if I will continue with them or not, but I thought I would have a go.

Played a game with my wolves vs a Tau player and rushed his lines with 4 land raiders, well he only destroyed 1, the rest of the game was well easy, as Tau cant hold the rush of 30 marines + 8 Terminators in combat!

Last and not least, the tale of 4 gamers (is now 4 of us not 5) has been pushed back a month, it was agreed by all due to one gamer not being able to make it, and some another to sort out money etc.
But on my progress I now have painted 20 orks and my war boss, so I am getting there! Least I have another month to get them painted now :)

Happy gaming :)