Friday, 13 September 2013

Fall of the Dark Elder

So my wolves in a 2.5k game played the Dark elder!

It was a interesting game, he quit on my turn 4, ( I was pretty certain he would have only had 8 wyches left and I was about to assault them and a few guardians(or whatever) which were losing against some hunters)

My lossses were around 20 marines (including long fangs and around 40 guardsmen) so not even 700 points?

So good game overall, stand out performers were drop pod squads arriving where I needed them to do the most damage or reinforce my line, thunder wolves did well, just be the amount of fire he wasted into them, and  1 was still standing!

Overall good game, but the amount Dark elder can put on the field is unbelievable, but lucky it is all very squishy!

And due to him taking small squads, over watch hurt him a lot!