Sunday, 6 January 2013

40k campaign!

So with the new 40k campaign starting soon! I thought I would post the rules-

* 1750pts.
* Fixed codex but list can be changed in game.
* Forge World is legal if your opponent has agreed to it at start of the campaign.
* A FW army list needs an equivilent codex for those games where FW is not allowed (so eldar & corsairs, for example).
* Allies can be taken, and changed each game.
* Fortifications are fine except for the Fortress of Redemption (table space reasons).
* Missions will be rulebook only. You will know games in advance.
* Each game will have a random Warzone Trait rolled at start of the game.

So all good, except to get back into the game I got a friendly organised!
But found out we are playing each other first round, so we agreed to make it the campaign game!

So first round of campaign on Thursday :D