Sunday, 27 October 2013

X-wing, a few list ideas

So I have been making a few x-wing lists, 100 points btw, here are 4 I like, 3 rebel lists and 1 Imperial

So let's Start with the Imperial, as its straight forward and quite common

Night beast (tie fighter)

Mauler mithel (tie fighter)
Engine upgrade

Dark curse (tie fighter)

4 Academy pilots (tie fighters)

So 7 ties, and the common tradition Imperial swarm, so nothing to say here.

So let's try a rebel list, now most 100 point rebel list have 2-3 ships, so I had a go with one with 4 ships

Prototype pilot (A-wing)
Homing missiles

Prototype pilot (A-wing)
Homing missiles

Red squadron pilot (x-wing)
Shield upgrade

Rookie pilot (x-wing)

Basic idea is that the a-wings use their speed to go up the flank of the other player, while the x-wings use their brute force and shields to go up the middle and start hitting the other players ships, before the a-wings come along and hits with their homing missiles

Next list then,

Kyle-katarn (Hwk-290)
Blaster turret
Recon specialists
Moldy crow

Blue squadron pilot (B-wing)
2 adv proton torpedoes

Blue squadron pilot (B-wing)
2 adv proton torpedoes

Basic idea, kyle in his famous ship, supplies the b-wings with focus, while they go around blowing stuff up with their torpedoes, kyles Hwk-290 packs a punch with its blaster turret, turning a support ship into a hard hitting ship with 360 turret

Last list has only two ships

Han-solo (yt-1300)
Adrenaline rush

Chewbacca (yt-1300)
Luke Skywalker (crew)
Adrenaline rush

Yep you see it, two nice yt-1300, won't stop a swarm but would be a strong list against most builds, with han and Chewbacca piloting 1 each it makes some powerful damage output.
For some of the friends who don't game, but do read this, I know most of you don't know what a yt-1300 is, its basically the millennium falcon :)

So a few lists, what do people think?

Happy gaming :)