Friday, 11 January 2013

Why Do I bother? Campaign game one! Imperial Guard+Wolves vs Chaos!

So this game didnt really have much game play! Just it took a while!

So I drew, 0-0 objectives each, even as per normal, I outnumbered, out gunned him with what I had left!
I couldnt roll a 3+ to save my life, while I have never seen someone roll so many 6s!

So yes it took over a hour to set up!
40mins to get him to the table, because he was "relaxing"
We then rolled etc, I set up first, and he went to get a drink!
I set up my 5 models.. and he took 15 mins to get a drink -.-
Then he continued to set his up which took another 20mins as he was more interested in talking then playing!

This wouldnt normally bother me, but he is one of the slowest players at the club in-game!
He takes forever to work out what to do, while on my turn he keeps wandering off!

Couple of examples!
Standing there looking at a model for a few mins, then says, he has a gun...
I turned around to him and said shot in then! He goes I dont know what at!
he have one target! A dred, a chimera, and some guardsmen! It was a bolt pistol!

Overall I do question why I bother turning up to play tbh.

My dreadnought has 2 pens on the turn it came into play.. both from a reaper cannon!
So my dreds one arm fires back... and misses -.-

Rant over

Hopefully next weeks campaign game will be better.. or I can see it being a very short campaign for me as I lose patients!