Friday, 26 March 2010

Space Wolves vs Grey Knights 1500pt

Yep I played it yesturday-
Cleasne for 5th ed was what we played!
So here are the lists-


Dred, lascannon

2 x 10 grey hunters, 2 plasma guns

3 Terminators, 1 with wolf claw and storm shield
1 Land Raider

2 Vindicators

1 Pred with all lascannons

His list-

Grand master
5 terminators

lascannon armed dred

2 x 8 squads of grey knights

10 storm troopers

Well so turn one saw him redeemer not moving for the rest of the game. Thats it!

Turn 2-
His termimators get out of redeemer and being about half a cm of charging my vindicator!
His terminators and grand master to say the least, was unable to stand up to 2 vindicators!

Reallly thats the game over!

Rest of the game was my lascannons trying to destroy his radier to no effect and everything else par grey hunters going towards his men and killing a few.
His callidus did take out a grey hunter squad and so the game finished in a draw!

With no objectives help!
All were contested!

So a game with took 30 mins to play!
Doesnt happen often!

Right time to find out who I have to play in 2 weeks (:

Its in my emails....somewhere!