Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Space Wolves 500 point event! Reports!

Right so here we are! My reports for the warhammer 40k event which has 4 rounds!

My brother also played he lost 3 and won 1! Finishing with 1 point!

Right I thought I could do quite well..... right anyway...

My list-

Battle Leader
Wolf Claw
Storm Shield

5 Grey Hunters (squad 1)
1 Plasma Gun

5 Grey Hunters (squad 2)

5 Skyclaws (with battle leader) (air 1)
1 Power weapon

5 Skyclaws (air 2)

Right first game....saw me up against nids in a capture and control mission!

Right all games were table quaters btw!

Right first game anyway-

His list-

Warrior Prime

3 Warriors
1 Barbed Strangler

20 Hormagaunts
Toxin Sacs

Doom of Malan'tai


He gets first turn (just my luck!)

Turn 1-

Everything moves towards my lines except the biovore which just sits there....
The biovore kills nothing and the warriors shoots down 2 marines
No assualt!

Right well air 1 and air 2 zoomed off towards thier lines!
Squad 1 shoot the Doom dealing 1 wound to it! and thats about it!

Turn 2-

Same again...everything moves forward except biovore!
Biovore and warriors kill nothing and Doom kills a skyclaw from air 2

All Skyclaws go froward and now are in assualt range!
Doom kills two skyclaws in my shooting phase! (I forgot about that!!)
Squad 1 do two wounds on the Doom! and then squad 2 kill the Doom with thier boltguns!
Air 1 (dont forget they have the battle leader) charge the 3 warriors and warrior prime while the remaining air 2 charge the guants!

So air 2 kill 4 guants and lose nothing in return! (2 because of fearless rule)
And air 1 does 1 wound to the prime while the warriors kill one skyclaw back! Draw....

Turn 3-

No moving..
No shooting..

The guants kill 1 blood claw and the blood claws kill nothing in return!
Air 1 loses all its skyclaws to the prime :( my battle leader wounds the prime in return, and the battle leader runs and doesnt get caught!

Right both squad 1 and squad 2 shoot the warriors and do 5 wounds between them, killing a warrior and wounding the others
Well guants kill the last skyclaw from air 2
Well my battle leader charges the warriors again and well...the prime kills the leader but the leader kills the prime! What a herioc death!

Turn 4-

His guants run towards my remianing squads..:(
Warriors kill 1 marine from shooting then charge squard 1 killing 2 while one of the warriors take a wound!

Well my turn!
Squad 2 charges the warriors aswell!
Warriors kill 1 marine, while the marines kill another warrior 1 left!

Turn 5-

Guants charge into the marines....
well all my marines die at this point...

So I lost.... dam!

Game 2- I got a bye! which is half a point so.... 1/2 points for me so far :(

Game 3-tbh I was up against a daemon player....got annilated... he had 2 squads of 3 nurglings, 4 blood crushers, skulltaker on chariot, and a helald of knorn on a chariot....I got murdered... I killed 5 nurglings........ he killed everything!

So yer...

Last Game is game 4!

Which was against a ork player who joined the event in the last seconds and didnt reliease no tanks were allowed!

So he had 2 killa kans and 2 warbuggies! so I was allowed a melta gun on air 1 :/ lol

Right I won this one! 3-1 kill points!

I killed his mek boy and 2 squads of 15 orks with my skyclaw squads while all his killa kans and buggies went towards my grey hunters and only killed 1 squad!

So 3-1
Again no report tho :(

O well!

Finished with 1.5 points out of 4 :( which I was hoping to do better but o well beat my brother thanks to the bye :P

Thanks for reading everyone!!