Friday, 12 February 2010

1500 SW vs SM

Quick report as game went my way alll the way to the end!

So annilation, pitched battle!

His List-
Chapter Master

5 Terminators

2 x 10 Marines,
2 Plasma cannons
2 Flamers

10 Marines
1 Missile launcher
1 Flamer

10 Sternguard

5 Deversators
2 Lascannons
2 Heavy Bolters

My list-

Ragnar Blackmane


2 x 15 blood claws
4 melta guns

10 swift claw bikers

3 Thunder wolfs
1 thunder hammer
2 Storm shields

6 Long fangs
3 Plasma Cannons
2 Heavy Bolters

Once again I got first turn! On a roll :P

Turn 1-

All my stuff moves forward,
Bikes kill 2 Terminators from shooting
Long fangs took postion in a building!
Ragnar and blood claws charge forward

He didnt do alot, opened fire doing......nothing

Turn 2-
Bikers and priest charge terminators and chapter master, killing 1 terminator and wounding chapter master.
Thunder wolves 1 inch off chargin devs -.-
Long fangs kill 9 marines leaving 1 plasma cannon in the squad left! He fail leadership and runs of board
BLood claws and ragnar keep going!

Sternguard hurt a squad of blood claws a lot! leaving 4 left! ouch... lucky not ragnars squad, most of his fire is unsuccessful!
All my thunder wolves took one wound each tho from devs!
Chapter masters assualt.......he lost both his other terminators I lost 2 bikes...drawn!

Turn 3-
Thunderwolves charge devs and take them all out!! but loss one in the process!
Ragnar charges the other plasma cannon squad....killing them all...losing 1 blood claw!
Long fangs take out the missile launcher tactial squad which only just got set up in a building!
The 4 blood claws charge the sternguard...he lost 3 I lost 0 he passes leadership!
Chapter master kills one bike and takes no wounds in return :( I pass leadership.

Turn 4-
Bikes finally kill chapter master, but lost 2 more bikes doing so!
Sternguard and blood claws kill nothing in combat!

Well all what is left is the combat...1 kill each!

Turn 5-
Nothing else of mine is in assualt range at moment :(
kill 2 sternguards!

His assualt...nothing

Win to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Also it is worth mentioning he did have a thunderfire cannon, but he forgot about it as it was in the same location as his dead pile!

I am surprised to see the blood claws hold in combat against sternguard....even tho the sternguard should have owned them!

But yes good game!
and a nother victory for fenis!