Friday, 12 February 2010

College League!

So rounds drawn!

Its a 1000 points, but we must have a HQ which is us and that cant be changed!

Hmmm wolf lord, frost blade, storm shield? maybe!

But yes here is the mission set ups!


Pitched battle, Capture and control
Dawn of war, Annihilation


Spearhead, Seize Ground
Spearhead, Capture and Control


Pitched battle, Annihilation
Dawn of war, seize ground


Pitched battle, Annihilation!!!

Right I think these are the armies involed-This may change before the campain yet-
Me-Space Wolves
1x Blood Angels-
1x Eldar
3x Chaos Marines
2x Space Marines

I am going for second place, the eldar player (my college teacher) will most likely win it!

Looks fun tho!

Also who ever wins there games get a extra 50 points on thier list from then onwards :D
Could be fun indeed!